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About The Maha Dyno

The MAHA LPS 3000 All Wheel Drive Dynamometer is arguably the best, and most accurate automotive performance tester in the world today. It is the choice for many automobile manufactures for development and final testing at the factory. Our LPS 3000 has features that shops using other dynos can only dream of!

Built in weather station that monitors:

Mercedes Benz amg-GT coupe on MAHA dyno cell
  • Ambient temperature

  • Intake air temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Air pressure

  • Steam pressure

  • Continuous or Ramped Load

  • Continuous or Ramped RPM

  • Continuous or Ramped Road Speed

  • Speedometer Tester

  • Driving Simulation

Tuning is aided by very specialized testing simulation tools:

What you get when you choose to use the Best Dyno in the World:


  • Corrected Engine Power

  • Engine power BHP

  • Wheel power BHP

  • Drag power BHP

  • Torque


  • Maximum Corrected Engine Power

  • Maximum Engine power

  • Wheel power

  • Drag power

  • Maximum Torque


  • Ambient temperature

  • Intake air temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Air pressure

  • Steam pressure

  • Measuring actual crankshaft horsepower and torque, No more random power train loss guessing. This dyno measures drivetrain loss during each run cycle.

  • Provides SAE Corrected Horsepower and Torque depending on the data from the built in weather station.

  • Small roller size aids in very accurate power measurements but not so small too be unstable.

  • Three large Eddy Current loaders can measure power up to 1600 hp continuously and 2200 hp peak.

  • Direct data acquisition from the OBDII port. Any information that is available there can be graphed; i.e. RPM, Air/Fuel, Boost, Ignition Timing

  • Front and rear rollers speeds are controlled by the software to load each axle equally. This protects the center differential on AWD cars.

  • Special settings designed for cars with more front drive bias like what is found on Audi and VW with the Haldex system.

  • Special settings for cars with rear bias for instance Porsche and Subaru.

  • Special setting for Naturally Aspirated, Turbo and Supercharged cars and trucks.

Quick and safe loading!

Our dyno is installed in ground which makes for quick and safe loading of vehicles. Low cars can be loaded with ease. Pneumatically controlled lift pads speed the process. Quickly adjusts to any wheelbase size.

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