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goodspeed showroom Night Time
Mini in showroom at original Tempe location. historic

GoodSpeed Performance Lab's was founded in 2007 with a focus on the highest ethics, integrity, and workmanship all aimed at providing complete satisfaction to you, our clients.

Our dedication to our customers' wants, needs, and best interests supersedes everything else we do. In an industry where empty promises and unfulfilled commitments are all too common, we want to establish ourselves as a partner to our customers, by providing the best guidance, craftsmanship, and service we possibly can. We feel our customers, and their vehicles, deserve nothing less than our best.

The goal to be the best and build the best is also supported by our diverse knowledge, expert experience, and proven fabrication skills. Our cutting edge, modern equipment, facility, and world-class dyno don't hurt either. Combined with our self-imposed, second-to-none standards, we accomplish in-house what many of our competitors cannot, or are forced to out-source.


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2008 Mercedes in front of original shop location Tempe
BMW M3 in front of original shop location Tempe 2007
euro spec m5 on lift  in original shop Tempe Arizona 2008

GoodSpeed's conveniently-located, 7200 square foot shop in Scottsdale Arizona, sports one of the most sophisticated AWD dynamometers available, the MAHA LPS-3000. We have six work bays, including one dedicated to ECU re-programming as well as other electrical, and ECM tasks. We have equipped the others with two Snap-on two-post lifts and a Snap-on four-post lift, with alignment capabilities. Our Snap-on lifts feature extremely low-slung arms for lifting of even the lowest vehicles with zero chance of rocker panel or other damage. Extensive care was applied to finding quality lifts to complement your high-end vehicles.

Our dedicated flash lab and clean room provide a worry-free environment for bench-flashing ECU's and performing other sensitive electronics work.

GoodSpeed's fabrication lab is equipped with high-quality Miller TIG, MIG, and plasma cutting equipment. Our Jet press, sheer, brake, bead roller, band saws, and drilling equipment further our ability to perform custom fabrication ... right the first time.

Our 2,000 square foot showroom offers plenty of room for you to hang out, browse products and check out various project cars we have built. So come by and check us out.



GoodSpeed's Dyno Lab is the premier power testing and tuning facility in Arizona. We have created an ideal test environment for your performance vehicle. We believe if we are going tune cars to the highest standards we must offer our customers the absolute best equipment and facilities possible. With this in mind, we have chosen the world's finest and most accurate dynamometer in the world today, the MAHA LPS-3000.

A dyno this superb could not simply be bolted to the floor in some back work bay, so we retained the help of a team of engineers and designers to build us the best-possible, dedicated dyno facility we could imagine.

In addition, we also took into consideration the noise fatigue that occurs to both employees and customers in close proximity to the testing area, so we designed a room that holds the dyno to be as close to sound proof as possible.


Jon Firpach


Mike Goe

Marketing/Sales Specialist


Gorge Morales


.Nick Herker

Performance Technician


Luis Monroy

Shop manager


joe profile small.jpg

Joe Morell

Derek carlisle joes punching bag

Derek Carlisle



Performance Technician

Jan morell  thinks she is the boss

Jan Morell

Performance Technician



Jud Krushefski

Shop assistant 

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