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Help prevent the tyrannical tyranny!!!

Every one that is in to cars or motorsports in almost any way knows SEMA, They are the shining star that helps give our industry some voice in the political arena and has been for many decades. If you don't know.... the EPA is doing what most government agency these days .... over reach and politicize its very existence to the hands that be. This time by trying to make it illegal to modify any production vehicle in any way! Yes that's right the EPA is actually trying to take away your right to make your car your own. NO more tuning, NO more sweet sounding exhaust, No more modifications of any sort! We could go on for pages on why and what the real reason for this is, the climate change lie, big car company losses over warranty claims from modified cars, ect. What we do know for sure is they are out for blood!

So what do we do? We fight! SEMA has made it easy and we have laid it all out right here so you can do your part and not have to hunt for anything, or rather SEMA has and we are just providing easy access! Read up on the RPM act, essentially guaranteeing you the right to modify your car!

This link make is ridiculously easy to put in your concern to the representatives working with the RPM act

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff Minnesota and Wisconsin will hold their 2022 primary elections on Tuesday, August 9, and it’s important to know which candidates support racing when going to the polls or voting early. For information on voting in the primary (including absentee and early voting), registering to vote and identifying your lawmakers and the candidates running in 2022, visit SEMA’s vote racing page. The Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (RPM Act), H.R. 3281 and S. 2736, enjoys strong support from Minnesota and Wisconsin members of Congress. The bipartisan RPM Act guarantees the right to modify street cars, trucks and motorcycles into dedicated race vehicles and safeguards the industry’s right to offer parts that enable racers to compete. For more information on the RPM Act, click here. Below is a list of federal lawmakers who have co-sponsored the RPM Act in the 2021–2022 session of Congress and are running for re-election in 2022. MINNESOTA:

  • Rep. Angie Craig [D-MN-2]

  • Rep. Pete Stauber [R-MN-8]*


  • Rep. Glenn Grothman [R-WI-6]*

*Original RPM Act co-sponsor For more information, contact

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תגובה אחת

10 באוג׳ 2022

What's really infuriating is it doesn't have to be this way. If you reference the GoodSpeed Performance blog entitled 'The EPA and Tuning Today". With the current technology we can modify and tune modern cars and still meet the original manufacturer emission standards or below. With the new proposed rules, we’re not even allowed to change wheels, tires, or suspension. So much for a country run by the people for the people.

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