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The EPA and Tuning Today

If you’ve been modifying cars as long as I have you know if you wanted to make big power the first thing you did was rip all of the emissions equipment off and just turn the codes off in the software. After all, you can’t make big power with catalytic converters, EGR and air pumps clogging things up, right??

Well, we are certainly living in a new era. The federal government’s insistence on controlling everything in our life is upon us. Everything from where we can go and how fast we can get there. Surely one of the most irritating branches of the federal government is the EPA. They place greater and greater emission requirements on our vehicles.

Luckily for us technology has evolved to help us with our habit and remain compliant. With modern engine management, fuel and high-tech parts we can stay compliant and still have our fun. Modern engine design takes advantage of advanced combustion chambers and head port design. Highly efficient camshaft technology. Fuel injectors that flow many times the volume of the factory injector but have better atomization of the fuel in most cases.

Modern engine management software gives you almost total control over every parameter in the engine calibration. The ability to tune for perfect fueling and ignition timing as well as control over the camshaft for best engine efficiency and power delivery is big when it comes to increased power while keeping the emissions within the federal requirements. Tuning for a big cam or Twin turbos with flexfuel on that ZL1 is really no problem anymore.

G-Sport has developed an extremely efficient catalytic converter that’s EPA compliant and high

flowing. These aren’t your dad's high flow cats. These are EPA compliant converters and can support up to 1200HP each.

Other emission control equipment like secondary air pumps, modern EGR valves, purge valves have no performance impact and can be left intact.

Bellow are a few examples of some cars that we’ve build that would be considered emissions compliant. Ranging from 700hp to 1350hp these cars run and drive like stock and

and a hell of a lot of fun to drive.

So, short of a full racecar there’s no reason to remove all the emission related components to make great power. We can run bigger turbos, add superchargers and run exotic fuels with all the new tools the aftermarket has given us. We can tune and enjoy our cars while staying compliant.

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