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Recipe for a perfect stage 2 GTI

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When it comes to designing the right setup for you mk7-7.5 GTI whats just the right amount of modification bumper to bumper?

Choosing the right parts.

Its easy to go to far in mods and of course you don't want to cheep out and get less anything short of superb satisfaction every time you get to drive your GTI. So what a good recipe for a stage 2 build.

This is what we consider a good list

Of course brands can change with tast but this the shopping list:

  • Stage 2 Calibration

  • Turbo back exhaust

  • cold air intake system (including turbo inlet)

  • large upgrade intercooler

  • short shifter or (DSG re calibration if equipped)

  • dogbone & mount insert

  • Upgrade silicone hose kit

  • Lowering springs

  • Sway bars

  • Performance brake pads (rotors if not from new)

There are always more cosmetic items like wheels and spoilers but this is the core mod list for a solid stage 2 car that will keep it well rounded in every aspect of its performance without compromising its reliability or driveability.

As a example

Using Unironic components and software in the shown example nets a approximate 110hp and 105 Tq gains on our local fuel and summer 100+ temps.

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