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New Turbo S in Ruby Star Neo gets the GOODS!

Long waited,, Rick Ripley's Allocation of a new Porsche 911 Turbo S gets all the goods. A stack of nothing but the best parts sit idly on the warehouse shelves waiting its arrival. And when that day came it was showered with a long list of goodies! Everything from Tuning to full suspension was install at less than 100 miles.

The result and wicked fast well balanced super car out of the gate. To say a smile was had by its owner was a understatement!.

List of goods

  • Weistec W3 tuning calibration

  • Weistec PDK TCU

  • APR full carbon air intake system

  • CSF high performance intercooler system

  • Kline inconel, shielded light weight headers (turbo manifolds)

  • Akropovic full Titanium exhaust system

  • KW HAS suspension system

  • HRE wheels

Call us for more information or to get a quote on this setup for your car! 480-747-6150

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