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Why Godzilla Steals the Show

When I first started at GoodSpeed Performance in July 2017 I didn't think much of the GT-R. I had heard so much about the GT-R I felt like it was an over-hyped vehicle. There was so much more that I was going to learn about this car over the next few years and so much respect I was going to gain for it.

The R35 GT-R is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to new vehicles. I understand that the R35 has not had much change since it was first unveiled in Japan back in 2007. Main reason... it's near perfect. The GT-R is one of the best looking car on the road today. It might not have the flash of a modern day supercar but it doesn't need that flash when it can back it up with the power it makes from the factory or with minimal modifications. Plus, why spend a lot of time trying to look fancy when the guys driving the Italian supercars will only be looking at your tail lights? Which, might I add, are still some of the most recognizable lights ever made.

To drive the GT-R is just plain fun. It is a rough and tough ride but that is what driving a performance car is all about. I do enjoy a nice plush ride from a Rolls-Royce but there is something magical about driving a vehicle so new yet you still feel connected to the road. The stock suspension on the GT-R is fantastic. Click the suspension into comfort and it is a relatively nice ride but change the suspension to R Mode and it stiffens the ride up significantly and handling is increase dramatically.

As for aftermarket support, there is no other car being produced today with as much aftermarket support as a Nissan GT-R. We can do something as simple as an Accessport Stage 1 flash all the way to making a 3000+whp rocket. A good majority of the GT-Rs that we build today are full bolt-ons with Ethanol. With the stock turbochargers, final WHP numbers are around 600whp. If we go with upgraded turbochargers, we can make up to around 750whp on a stock engine/trans. At 750whp, the GT-R is still a perfect for a daily driven vehicle.

For those that are looking to get a little more out of their GT-R there are many options for built engines and built transmissions. With a built engine and transmission, the sky is the limit for what kind of power you can make. We have had clients daily drive a 1200+whp GT-R with no issues while retaining very good drivability.

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