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Track Day Prep

Whether you just got a ticket for driving too fast on the street or you wanna experience what you and your car can do at 9 and 10/10ths, you will inevitably consider taking your car to the track. Most people consider it a daunting task to have a car ready for the track but a quick trip to a shop or at home inspection can help identify any potential issues and prepare you for a life changing experience.

What you will find, is that in most cases a few small things can help you have a much more successful first track day. The guide below will be a quick go to for prepping your street car for the road course at a Nasa HPDE or a Pro auto sports event.

Pre-Track day vehicle Checklist

  • Nut and bolt check

  • Inspection of all wearable bushings

  • Fluid check (Motor oil, coolant, brake fluid )

  • Fresh Brake system bleed with High temp fluid

  • Basic alignment (Make sure your car tracks correctly and gives you a baseline for future vehicle modification)

  • Remove any items that will hinder your vision while on track

This next list is to help you have the best experience possible on track, as well as in-between sessions.

Track Day Essentials

  • Helmet

  • Torque wrench and socket (To check wheel lug torque between sessions)

  • Extra motor oil and coolant (Distilled waterer)

  • Tires with good Tread life and no age cracks

  • Tire pressure Gauge

  • 5 Gallon fuel tank (You will go through gas like you never have before)

  • Water and Food ( A couple 20 minutes sessions without some nutrition will tire you out more than one would expect)

  • Chair, hat and sunscreen will make hot days day more bearable

There are many other things you can do to improve your experience, especially if you want to be competitive with more seasoned drivers. Below is some small things you can do during the track day to get the most out of your car before the day ends.

Improvement Checklist

  • Adjust tire pressure up or down (2 PSI can make a difference between grip and losing control)

  • Play with Traction management systems and drive modes

  • Follow the lines of more experienced drivers with similar vehicles.

  • Adjust normal driving position to one that gets you as close to the steering wheel as possible for maximum vehicle control

  • Watch the Pro and Higher Level groups in between your driving sessions

  • Ask lots of questions at downloads and in between sessions

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