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The newest Carbon Fiber KICK!

We all remember when that cool aerospace material called Carbon Fiber first started hitting the racing and custom car seen in the late 90s - early 2000s and it went bonkers, so much so that it made its way to just about every part of the industry and unfortunately even fake wraps, carbon print, and look alike fabric took their place in mimicking its unmistakable look and style.

Nowadays its sorta common place an bit played out and if not dun well, considered a bit cheesy by some. So does Carbon fiber have a new leas on life?

Well maybe, gaining popularity for a couple years over seas Forged carbon has been gaining some traction state side seeing more and more company starting to make offerings of this new style of carbon in their components.

So is Forged Carbon hear to stay or just a fad destine to pass like the chrome tint of the 80s?


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