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BLACK Friday Customer supplied parts install sale!

Oh YEA! A black Friday sale you can actually use!!

Went nuts on black Friday and cyber Monday sales? Bought a bunch of cool stuff for your car but now faced with getting it all installed? GoodSpeed has you covered!

On Monday November 27th at 9 am until Friday December 1St at 6pm, any new customer can get a install appointment for 10% off the regular labor price if they have a part they have purchased from any black Friday sale!

How does it work? We understand that most black Friday sales for performance parts will most likely be mail order and need to be shipped to you, No problem, Just simply call Goodspeed during the eligible dates, get a quote and purchase that install, then when your part comes in we will schedule you in and get your part installed! Super easy!

Sale Details

A. Duration

1. Cyber Monday week only (M-F)

B. Discount Offer

1. 10% off on pre paid labor

2. must be customer supplied part

3. must have proof of tracking or physical possession of the parts before actual schedule. date.

C. Terms and Conditions

1. No refunds

2. Initial estimate must be paid in full

3. Any additional time will be at regular shop rate

4. Must agree to Customer Supplied Parts Agreement

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