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670 gentle little ponies!

  02/12/15 23:27, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Tuning , Tags: apr tuned, arizona, audi, giac, maha, rs5, rs7, s7
670 gentle little ponies! Just the start, for this new RS7!! We are the foremost experts on RS car tuning in AZ. Goodspeed Tunes and builds more Audi vehicles that anyone in AZ X10!! We also stock more thing parts for Audis that any other local sorse.… more »

APR's Updated VW TSI software brakes 400 hp!

  08/27/11 10:40, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 2_0, apr, audi, dyno, flash, maha, stage 3, tsi, tuining, vw
Ok so, APR has announced that they have new updated version (2.o) software for the TSI, calming 405 hp, and we put it to the test. Did it do it?  Hell yes!  not only did it make 404.5 hp  (close enough) but it did it on our dyno in 106 degree heat and… more »

The BMW M50 gets the forced induction it needs!

  03/31/11 21:02, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements , Tags: 325i, 6 cylinder, az, blower, bmw, dyno, e36, ess, goodspeed, intercooler, m3, maha, scottsdale, supercharged, supercharger
  Throughout the 90s BMW 3 series dominated with fresh styling and handling like no other.  Unfortunately their work horse signature inline 6 cylinder power plant, like the M50, while dependable and smooth, wasn't  much for putting you back in your… more »

SL65 AMG, GoodSpeed Makes BIG power with the BIG DOG!

  01/02/09 19:58, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: dyno in arizona, dyno in scottsdale, maha, maha arizona, maha dyno, maha in temp, renntech, renntech arizona, renntech in arizona, renntech packages, renntech phoenix, renntech scottsdale, renntech sl 65, renntech temp, renntech tuning, renntech usa, stage2
GoodSpeed takes the extra step when fine-tuning AMG’s big dog! While some shops are limited by their equipment, GoodSpeed is not! We are fortunate enough to own the most accurate dyno in North America, the same dyno the Mercedes-Benz factory… more »

BMW 335i Power packages making impressive #’s at GoodSpeed performance!

  09/11/08 09:34, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 135i, 335i, 535i, bmw, chip, cross, downpipes, dyno sheets, e90, e91, e92, e93, evotech, flash, goodspeed, maha, mini, software
We have now made available our Goodspeed power packages, after much research and development we are offering stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 power packs. And we have the "truly accurate dyno results" in "real crank horse power" to back it up, this is a… more »

IT'S IN!! THE MaHa LPS3000 IS IN!!

  06/30/08 10:23, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 08wrx, 2wd, 335i, 350z, 540i, awd, bmw, challenger, cl600, dodge, dynamometer, dyno, dynorun, evotech, flash, g500, maha, renntech
It’s finally in, and I must say this is the most sophisticated dyno we have ever experienced. Most of you know that Joe and I have been using dynos for years, and we would like to say that we have seen it all… not the case. We have trained on it with… more »

MaHa AWD dyno is almost in. Update.

  06/23/08 04:21, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Dyno , Tags: 2wd, awd, dynamometer, dyno, install, maha
It has been long awaited, and it’s finally going in this week! Udo from MaHa is installing the dyno as I write this. We should be doing some testing by the end of the week. The pit was put in last week; it was quite a task but all went well and we are… more »

MaHa Photos

  05/22/08 16:23, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News , Tags: all wheel drive, dyno, maha, tuning
There it is awaiting its installation! more »

The MaHa Dyno has arrived!!

  05/16/08 11:22, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Dyno , Tags: 2wd, awd, dynamometer, dyno, install, maha
Well it’s been long awaited but the MaHa lps3000 dyno has finally come in and is due for installation in the first part of June. We thank all our current customers for all their support and even though we are still under construction we invite everyone… more »
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