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Closed for the 4th!!

  07/02/18 17:39, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
Closed for the 4th!!

GoodSpeed will be closed for the 4-5 of July for the holiday, reopening Friday morning at 9AM. We wish everyone a safe and fun 4th of July.

Bundle and Save on APR Software!

  09/12/18 22:07, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
Bundle and Save on APR Software!

APR TCU Upgrades are 50% off when purchased the same day as your initial APR ECU Upgrade.
APR TCU Upgrades are 15% if you already own an APR ECU Upgrade.
APR Launch Control, No Lift Shift and Program Switching are 15% off.

APR WaterfestPrep SALE – 15% off Software all rest of July!

  07/13/18 21:45, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR WaterfestPrep SALE – 15% off Software all rest of July!

Waterfest is almost here and APR is the title sponsor once again! To celebrate, they're offering 15% off all APR ECU and TCU Upgrades, programs and options (except Plus), from July 13th until July 31st, at all North American APR Dealers. #GOAPR

Invidia R400 Subaru Exhaust

  07/12/18 01:01, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
Invidia R400 Subaru Exhaust

Everyone loves the looks and sounds of the Invidia R400 Cat-back exhaust!
It's great for the first modification if you're not looking to do anything too big yet.

GIAC Sale!

  07/11/18 00:36, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
GIAC Sale!

2018 GIAC Summer Specials are here!

APR tune on the new 2018 RS3

  06/28/18 21:18, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR tune on the new 2018 RS3

We tuned the new 2.5TFSI EA855 with APR stage 1 software and to say the least it was amazing and impressive!
The amount of power from going OEM power to APR after is substantially noticeable (just like all their other great software they provide).
Put E85 in it (recommend getting an ethanol content sensor for this map) I'm sure it would be even more of a beast with another 66hp easily with the switch of a map.
APR is in the works for more amazing products for this absolute beautiful Audi RS3.


APR RS3 & TTRS 2.5 TFSI EVO ECU Upgrades!

  06/20/18 00:24, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR RS3 & TTRS 2.5 TFSI EVO ECU Upgrades!

ECU Upgrade for the new RS3 and TTRS is here! Expect up to 542 HP and 500 FT-LBS with APR's Stage 1 ECU! Features such as E85 support and Full EMCS Program Switching are available today with multiple stages on the way. Lastly, APR even offers a Limited Powertrain Warranty with the APR Plus ECU Upgrade.
If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment the process to flash only takes about 30-60 minutes please give us a call at 480-747-6150!

Cobb AP now avalable for 991.2 all.

  06/19/18 00:12, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, New Products

Porsche 991.2 Power Gains with Accessport Tuning
After more than two years since we first took delivery of our 991.2 Carrera S and dove in head-first, we can finally see the end of the tunnel. Not just the spec of light coming from it, actual daylight. And it is glorious. With the release of the COBB Accessport for Porsche’s 991.2 Carrera and Turbo/Turbo S imminent, we wanted to share some exciting data from our development period. Most notably, how much power these cars make! Below we’ll give a brief synopsis of the power gains 991.2 owners can expect when they choose the COBB Accessport as the tuning solution.
991.2 911 Carrera
For the first time ever, the base 911 Carrera comes equipped with turbochargers. While purists may scoff at the idea of a boosted powerplant, the fact of the matter is that the cars are producing more power, more efficiently, than ever before. The Carrera, S, and GTS share a 3.0L engine and take advantage of varying turbocharger size, boost pressure, and other tuning changes to maintain the hierarchical power difference between tiers. The base Carrera utilizes turbochargers with a 49mm compressor producing around 13 psi of boost to pump out baseline numbers of 367 HP and 336 TQ measured at the wheels. Our Stage 1 calibration file increases power to 435 HP and 460 TQ when utilizing 93 octane fuel.

991.2 911 Carrera S

With the Carrera S having slightly larger turbochargers (51mm compressor) and utilizing 16 psi of boost pressure from the factory, we saw baseline power figures of 403 HP and 376 TQ measured at the wheels. The COBB Stage 1 map offers additional power across the board, as indicated in the following dyno chart. This calibration is intended to be used on an otherwise completely stock car, requiring no mechanical modifications. On 93 octane, we saw maximum gains of over 30% in some areas. Peak power numbers are increased to 452 HP and 483 TQ at the wheels.


991.2 911 Carrera GTS

The Carrera GTS offers even larger turbochargers than the Carrera S, the compressor measurements come in at 55mm. With those turbochargers producing right around 18 psi of boost pressure we recorded baseline numbers of 423 HP and 409 TQ measured at the wheels. A simple Stage 1 calibration with 93 octane fuel in the tank took the GTS to an astonishing 506 HP and 488 TQ measured at the wheels, peak gains of over 19%!

991.2 911 Turbo / Turbo S

This is where the fun really starts. The 991.2 911 Turbo’s 3.8L powerplant with VTG turbochargers is rated at 540 HP, and the Turbo S, with it’s larger turbochargers, at 580HP. We recorded 493 HP and 485 TQ at the Turbo’s wheels in true factory-form. The final version of our Stage 1 Off The Shelf Map increases that to 538 HP and 591 TQ to the wheels.

The Turbo S managed to spin the dyno to the tune of 524 HP and 543 TQ at the wheels. After some calibration magic, the Turbo S was scorching the dyno rollers to the tune of 594 HP and 639 TQ measured at the wheels.

APR Plus Now Supports the 3.0 TFSI!

  06/04/18 18:13, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR Plus Now Supports the 3.0 TFSI!

APR has extended APR Plus to include all 3.0 TFSI engines still under the original Audi Limited Powertrain Warranty! This includes Audi S4, S5, Q5, SQ5, A6, A7 and A8 Models. APR Plus give you a factory term limit matching Limited Powertrain Warranty on top of our APR Plus ECU Upgrade to give you peace of mind when tuning.

APR MK7 Golf R & S3 Sedan Catback Exhaust System

  06/01/18 17:15, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR MK7 Golf R & S3 Sedan Catback Exhaust System

APR FINALLY released their Golf R and S3 catback exhaust!
Beautifully hand-crafted T304-stainless-steel components adorn the system with stunning TIG-welding throughout. Our straight-through brushed-finished mufflers smooth the exhaust note to a deep growl, without adding restrictions, while their Helmholtz resonator reduces unwanted frequencies. Strong high-quality bracketry and OEM-style clamps hold the system steadily in place, making the install or removal a snap, and fitment simple, yet precise. A cast 3” to quad 2.5” rear splitter creates an ultra-smooth transition, steadily feeding exhaust gasses out of the system, while looking tidy from under the rear bumper. Their cast valve housings enable the vehicle to be fitted with the factory electronic valve actuators, retaining OEM valve operation. Finally, removable 4" polished slash-cut exhaust tips finish the system, adding a classy motorsport-inspired touch to the rear of the vehicle.

APR Memorial Day Software Sale

  05/23/18 23:23, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR Memorial Day Software Sale

All APR ECU and TCU Upgrades are 15% off until the end of the month at all APR Dealers in the USA. For participation outside the USA, please contact an APR importer. GOAPR! *Excludes APR Plus.

034 B9 2.0 down pipe proven to make power!

  05/22/18 20:44, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, New Products , Tags: a4, apr, audi, downpipe, dyno, goapr, intake, power, software, tfsi, tuning, with
034 B9 2.0 down pipe proven to make power!

So we thought we would share some info on a new part by 034. They have introduced a new cast high flow cat pipe/down pipe. First it's an absolutely beautiful execution and very well made, castings are flawless and the dimensions/fit is perfect. So does it make power? The answer is YES! It absolutely does make power, not just on the dyno but power you can feel in the drive of the car. Our test took a new B9 A4 with the 2.0 already equipped with APR stage one software and a 034 cold air intake system making already significant gains then added only the 034 high flow catalyst. Note, that no software change was done when adding the 034 high flow catalyst. The results speak for themselves gaining a peak of 25ft-tq and 14hp, and a under the curve gain of 47ft-tq and 21hp. Most of that power is gained throughout most of the power band.

COBB for the new STI Type RA

  05/16/18 18:56, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
COBB for the new STI Type RA

Cobb is announcing access tuner pro support for the new STI Type RA!!

APR MK5 2.0T FSI Software Update and Sale!

  05/15/18 21:11, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR MK5 2.0T FSI Software Update and Sale!

New versions of the MK5 2.0T FSI EA113 Stage 1, 2 and 2+ ECU Upgrades! These all new ECU Upgrades are the result of over a decade of tuning experience on the 2.0T FSI EA113 engine and incorporate all of APR's latest tweaks for power, drivability and safety. To celebrate, the ECU Upgrades and various related hardware items are on sale from May 14th to June 17th
2.0T FSI Stage 1, 2 and 2+ ECU Upgrades – 15% off
APR Mobile – 10% off
APR HPFP – 10% off
APR Runner Flap Delete – 10% off
APR Intercooler – 10% off
APR Downpipe – 10% off
APR Pendulum Mount – 10% off
APR Short Shifter – 10% off
APR Shifter Cable Bracket – 10% off

APR Carbon Fiber Intake Sale!

  04/17/18 00:32, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements
APR Carbon Fiber Intake Sale!

APR Carbon Fiber Intake Systems and accessories are 10% to 20% off from April 16th to May 6th.
Call us to get your carbon fiber parts ordered, or we might already have it in stock. Give us a call at 480-747-6150.


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