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UNITRONIC FALL SALE STARTS NOW October 12th to October 22nd, 2020

  11/25/20 22:37, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning
UNITRONIC FALL SALE STARTS NOW October 12th to October 22nd, 2020

10% OR $100 with the purchase of NEW ECU or TCU Unitronic Performance Software only. Not available on Upgrades. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. For example, you cannot add 10% or $100 OFF your NEW TCU tune on top of the DSG® Combo discount. But you can save 10% or $100 on your ECU tune and still use the DSG® Combo discount on your TCU tune for great savings!

GoodSpeed Is Arizonas ofical EcuTek Master tuner!

  02/11/20 23:38, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Dyno, Tuning
GoodSpeed Is Arizonas ofical EcuTek Master tuner!

As many may already know GoodSpeed is Arizona's go to shop for EcuTek products and tuning, But we are also a Official EcuTek Master Tuner. Offering tuning for a wide range of platforms including the new Toyota Supra /bB58, 08-up Nissan GTR, Nissan 370z, Infiniti Vr30.

Dealer inquires welcome!
email to or call 480-747-6150

Nissan VR30 Twin Turbo 2016 onward Infiniti Q50 and Q60

2019–present G20 BMW 340i
2019–present G11 & G12 BMW 740i
2019–present G07 BMW X7 xDrive40i
2019–present G29 BMW Z4
2019–present G29 BMW Z4 M40i
2019–present B58 Toyota Supra MkV

come see us a the Concourse in the Hills

  01/30/19 00:27, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning

Don't forget to come see us a the Concourse in the Hills event on the 9th!

Saturday February 9, 2019 Fountain Park, Fountain Hills, AZ

New 2018 Audi Allroad getting APR goodness

  12/19/18 20:35, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning

New 2018 Audi Allroad getting APR goodness! stage 1 91oct
#allroad #apr #apr+ #warranty #stage +

Renntech Holiday sale 10%off ECU upgrades

  12/06/17 22:55, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, Tuning
Renntech Holiday sale 10%off ECU upgrades

Goodspeed is offering the Renntech Holiday sale 10%off ECU upgrades and 20? off selected parts. We know the gift of power is on many of your lists.
call us to schedule an appointment. sale good from 12-6 to12-22, but ECU flashes will only be scheduled up until the 20th.

Cobb PDK software updates avalable.

  11/17/17 01:14, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning
Cobb PDK software updates avalable.

Goodspeed is prowud to offer COBB PDK options for Porsche.

Accessport Tuning for Porsche PDK Transmissions
The COBB Porsche Team is excited to bring a world’s first to the Porsche enthusiast community, PDK Tuning! For the past few years our Porsche Team has spent thousands of hours perfecting their understanding of a variety of both naturally aspirated and turbocharged Porsche engines. We have had our hand in claiming numerous 1/4 Mile and 1/2 Mile records along with supporting class winning teams in the IMSA Continental Sports Car Challenge Series and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The idea of offering custom tuning for Porsche’s PDK transmission was conceived late last year by our COBB Porsche reverse engineering team. With the ability to tune a vehicle’s engine at almost all power levels well sorted, it was now time to investigate methods of putting that new-found power to the ground more efficiently.

After thousands of in-house testing hours on various vehicles of all trims as well as some grueling development time spent at the 2017 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, we are extremely pleased to now offer PDK Transmission tuning support for the following Porsche vehicles:

AP3-POR-006 Supported Vehicles
•2014-2016 Porsche 911 (991) Turbo PDK WM
•2014-2016 Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S PDK WM

AP3-POR-007 Supported Vehicles
•2014-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) PDK WM
•2014-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) S PDK WM
•2015-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) GTS PDK WM
•2016 Porsche Cayman (981) GT4 Clubsport PDK WM
•2013-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) PDK WM
•2013-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) S PDK WM
•2015-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) GTS PDK WM
•2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) PDK WM
•2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) S PDK WM
•2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) S X51 PDK WM
•2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) 4 PDK WM
•2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) 4S PDK WM
•2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) 4S X51 PDK WM
•2015-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) GTS PDK WM
•2015-2016 Porsche Carrera (991) 4GTS PDK WM

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APR Sale!!!!

  10/04/16 06:10, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning

From October 3rd to the 23rd take 10% or $100 off, whichever is greater, on APR ECU/TCU Upgrades and take 25% off Stage 2 upgrades and our optional features (program switching, launch limiter, no-lift shift), where applicable. This sale is only applicable to the USA. Visit our product pages for pricing details and find an APR dealer today!

APR Audi B9 A4 2.0T ECU Upgrade

  08/16/16 23:52, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Tuning

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 306-314 HP with 367-388 FT-LBS of torque depending on fuel grade. Gains as high as 61-68 HP and 100-111 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, depending on fuel grade and factory output, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios.

Supported Models:
North American Audi B9 A4 2.0T, FWD and Quattro, S Tronic

Install Method:
OBD-II Port Flash via the Cheetah Cable.

Available ECUs:
8W0906259C S0004

Available Stages and Octanes:

Stage 1, 91 and 93 octane.

Call Jon or Tanner to set appointments for S0004 ecu box only.

ESS Tuning R8 V10 kit install.

  08/10/16 18:14, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning
ESS Tuning R8 V10 kit install.

We have now installed quite a few of these kits and they are fantastic, perfect drivability, more horse power and best of all instant torque. ESS Tunings quality and engineering is second to none not to mention its easy on the eyes. You be the Judge take a look at our last install.

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Simos 18 ECUs are now DirectPort Programmable with APR.

  12/07/15 16:43, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning

APR is pleased to announce all previously known "locked" Simos 18 ECUs are now DirectPort Programmable with any current stage of APR software at all APR dealers across the globe! The software install process is now a simple flash over the OBD-II port, just like the earlier models, and does not require removal of the ECU from the vehicle for available software. Most commonly "locked" ECUs were found in late model 2015 and newer versions of the following vehicles:

1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (MQB Platform):

* MK7 VW Golf 1.8T

* MK7 VW GTI 2.0T

* MK7 VW Golf R 2.0T

* MK1 Audi S1 2.0T

* MK3 Audi A3 1.8T

* MK3 Audi A3 2.0T

* MK3 Audi S3 2.0T

* MK3 Seat Leon 1.8T

* MK3 Seat Leon 2.0T

* MK3 Seat Leon Cupra 2.0T

* MK3 Skoda Octavia 1.8T

* MK3 Skoda Octavia 2.0T

1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (Non-MQB Platform):

* MK6 Jetta 1.8T

* MK6 Jetta GLI 2.0T

* MK2 Beetle 1.8T

* MK2 Beetle 2.0T

* B7 Passat 1.8T

Please Note: If a new ECU Box Code or Revision is found that is not currently available by APR and not currently in APR's possession, please contact APR for details on how you can save on the ECU Upgrade. Also, if you currently have APR software, this is not an update as this only applies to ECUs that were previously unavailable.

Contact an APR Dealer today to schedule an appointment!

Thank you and Go APR!

Software V 1.1 is now available for the C7.5 facelift RS7

  10/27/15 21:51, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning , Tags: apr, apr tuned, rs6, rs7, software

Goodspeed is pleased to announce APR's version 1.1 is now available for the C7.5 facelifted RS6 and RS7 platform! This free update to APR customers delivers more power and torque through the power band, offering up to 667 HP and 709 FT-LBS of torque on 93 octane fuel and up to 722 HP and 849 FT-LBS on race fuel! Please contact an APR dealer today to schedule an appointment!

Renntech SL63 build article by CSJ!!

  10/21/15 12:45, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, Tuning, Forced Induction

-1442299893-SL 63 shopping cart afar (1)

Dyno mode engaged, traction control off and the glory of Renntech is enjoyed

Rebecca NguyenOct 12, 2015
October 12, 2015

Mercedes­Benz has designed its 2013 SL­63 AMG 5.5 liter twin turbo to a standard fit of it’s price, but insert RENNtech and what you have on your hands is something a bit more than your usual luxury automobile.  Installed and tested by Goodspeed Performance in Scottsdale Arizona, the twin turbo kit modified, fabricated, and offered by RENNtech puts power and pressure on the OEM design.

While utilizing OEM locations and fitment sizes, RENNtech reuses the OEM turbo housings and modifies them by using motorsport derived ball bearing turbochargers from Turbo by Garrett.  In order to repurpose the turbo housings to fit the larger internal cartridge, both the housing and impeller must be CNC machined in house to RENNtech spec.  RENNtech doesn’t share their exact design or modification specifications to the public, but the overall dyno numbers are enough to understand the benefit of their product.

Goodspeed Merc BuildThe increase in power requires an increase in the bottom end strength.  RENNtech also had a part in building the planetary gear style transmission internals to be strong enough to handle the increase of power.  Goodspeed also installed a Wavetrac limited slip differential that required a 6mm shaving of the inside of the differential casing in order for it to fit.  No structural issues are to be expected from this change and the need for this is highly common.

Matthew Garrett, a technician at Goodspeed Performance that performed the majority of the install, stated that the overall install took 16 hours with a four week down time during which the transmission was sent out to be modified by RENNtech.  Matthew also stated that the install was “quite abnormally easy to do.”   After removing just a couple of plugs and separate the control arms from the subframe, the subframe comes down from the car and because the kit does not require any sort of in house placement modifications it was all plug and play.

Goodspeed has yet to dyno the SL­63, but expects numbers around 800 torque.

For those of you not familiar with RENNtech, it was established by Hartmut Feyhl in 1989 and supplies everything from a shift knob to a complete car, including the 200 mph Renntech E7.4RS, the fastest sedan in the world in 1996.  Feyhl who spent 12 years at AMG before branching out to start RENNtech, is regarded as the USA’s foremost authority on Mercedes tuning.  Even though RENNtech is the prominent Mercedes specialists, recently they have started to offer products for brands such as: Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Photography by Rebecca Nguyen

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Well rounded enthusiast of everything with wheels and aspiring model, Rebecca is the owner of the ‘03 Subaru WRX dubbed Bananaru born and raised in New River, AZ. Rebecca started with an obnoxiously yellow Subaru, modifications primarily revolving around suspension and handling and is currently piecing together a 2.5 liter with forged internals.. In the last 3 years she has attended and covered events including, Formula Drift, Global RallyCross, SEMA, Vegas Drift and hosted many local to Arizona events including Pizzas and Pistons 1 through 4, Tread in Pink, and Back to the Drift. Product and experience reviews are one of her main interests especially when it comes to things Subaru related.

670 gentle little ponies!

  02/12/15 23:27, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Tuning , Tags: apr tuned, arizona, audi, giac, maha, rs5, rs7, s7

670 gentle little ponies! Just the start, for this new RS7!! We are the foremost experts on RS car tuning in AZ. Goodspeed Tunes and builds more Audi vehicles that anyone in AZ X10!! We also stock more thing parts for Audis that any other local sorse. Most tunes can be completed in house including APR, Giac, and Eurodyne. Contact us first for all your Audi thing needs.

Another Mk6 GTI lays down impressive numbers on the MAHA!

  02/10/15 20:02, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Tuning

Another Mk6 GTI lays down impressive numbers on the MAHA! We just finished this using a APR full Ko4 kit, Rebuilt head with triple angle valve job, Ferrea valves and APR high performance spring/retainer kit. In addition the VW has a long list of supporting mods like a full APR stage one and stage 2 intake system, CTS crank pulley, Full APR turboback, APR intercooler and much more. 385hp on AZ 91oct fuel.

We build sick wagons!!!

  01/25/15 22:57, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Dyno, Tuning

No need for soccer moms to settle for a minivan, when we can build this sick Avant!!

  • APR stage 2+ tune
  • CTS turbo down pipe
  • high flow intake
  • R8 coils with 1 sep coldre NGKs
  • ST full coil overs
  • Hartmen wheels
  • RS4 grill
  • Stoptech stage 2 brake upgrade with custom color painted calipers.



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