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We build sick wagons!!!

  01/25/15 22:57, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Dyno, Tuning

No need for soccer moms to settle for a minivan, when we can build this sick Avant!!

  • APR stage 2+ tune
  • CTS turbo down pipe
  • high flow intake
  • R8 coils with 1 sep coldre NGKs
  • ST full coil overs
  • Hartmen wheels
  • RS4 grill
  • Stoptech stage 2 brake upgrade with custom color painted calipers.


Project CLS63 long tube (the hammer killer package) Finished!

  05/29/09 22:41, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: amg, cls63, dyno in az headers, long tube header, nos, tuning in az

Project CLS63 long tube

Well project CLS63 long Tube is finally finished, after far too many hours of design and fabrication the results where astounding. This project started by a request by a good customer of ours that brought us a already impressive CLS63. Feeling the need to go farther than off the shelf bolt-ons , we were asked to build and tune this car for not only max power but a long smooth power band. This was accomplished with many hours of calculations for proper tube diameter and length, as many of you know building a header for max power at a specific RPM is easy but building one for all around results is a little more challenging, and a challenge that I was more than happy to except. It wasn’t easy; the proper tube configuration verses there tube diameter and length, created a tight fitting header. And as many of our customers know we also design serviceability in to every product we make whether it’s one off or not. I am happy to say that this header set has been engineered to be removed easily with only the steering shaft and one power steering line bracket needing to be disconnected. With the proper tools, all fasteners are accessible from under the car and no lifting of the motor is needed. The headers are full stainless with CAD designed flanges, formed custom collectors, and V-band flanges connecting to the Goodspeed mid pipes and connector pipes going back to the Renntech mufflers. Keeping in mind a oem look the headers where designed to fit with the factory splash shields witch keep fresh air over the header keeping them from overheating, this is where the factory Cats originally called home. Utilizing all aspects of the cars existing design we created a no compromise large tube/long tube header that not only produced almost 40hp over the existing performance header and exhaust system but produced that power through most of the power band. The torque also was incredible making almost 90% of its gains throughout the entire curve. To follow it up, as Arizona’s top RennTech dealer we worked exclusively with Renntech staff utilizing our state of the art MaHa Dyno to build custom tune files, optimizing the power capabilities of this exhaust system.

The specs in crank power measurement

Car as delivered to us with Renntech headers, Renntech H-pipe VRP X pipe, Renntech headers, Carbonio air box, and Renntech software. 91 Oct fuel 542hp 489.3TQ (base line)

Car with GoodSpeed Performance Design Headers and exhaust, Renntech mufflers, Carbonio air box Renntech custom tune file on 91 Oct fuel. 580.6hp and 508.0TQ

Car with GoodSpeed Performance Design Headers and exhaust, Renntech mufflers, Carbonio air box Renntech custom tune file with 100Oct fuel. 597.2hp and 519TQ

Car with GoodSpeed Performance Design Headers and exhaust, Renntech mufflers, Carbonio air box Renntech custom tune file with 100Oct fuel. With NOS 722.68 and 670.0 TQ

For testing purposes we removed the Evosport pulley, this was not due to it not making power but due to voltage issues we suspect was caused by unerdriveing the alternator. We would like to note that the Evosport pulley did make about 10 to 15 hp but due to liability we felt at this power level it was unsafe.

enjoy the folowing photos!


CLS63 on dyno

CLS63 headers long tube on display in our show room.

CLS63 headers and full exhaust

CLS63 headers being built

Side by side of standard performance header and Goodspeed Header

Side by side header flange

Finished amg CLS63 header and exhaust system up close.

CLS63 in goodspeed shop during install

To have Goodspeed Performance build your CLS63 call Jon or Joe at 480-747-6150.

NEW APR software for Passat CC, 2.0 TSI !!

  02/04/09 21:20, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 2_0_tsi, 2_0tsi, apr, az, downpipe, dyno, passat cc, scottsdale, shop, tempe, tuning, vw

Impressive gains from APR software. Over 310TQ and 278hp on stage one 91Oct. See full dyno results below.

We have seen as much as 345TQ and 310HP at the crank with turbo back exhaust and an APR Flash from the new TSI 2.0
Call Jon, Joe or Graham, to schedule your appointment today.

Dyno day Results!!

  01/27/09 21:08, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno

We would like to thank every one that made the BMW car show BBQ and dyno day a huge success. I can’t believe we finished all ten dyno spots in just 3 1/2 hrs. Maybe we will open up more spots next time. There were so many nice cars! I would say it was the widest range for any show of this size, M3s, M5s, Mcoupes, race cars and classics. Both naturally aspirated and forced induction. The variety was amazing.

Now for the winners
Car show:
1st place - Bryan Babcock with his 88 M3 unanimously voted Best of Show.
Runner up is John Wilcox with his Dinan super charged E39 Wagon.

On the dyno:
1st place - Steve Harris and his E30 with the M3 motor swap making the most power over stock +130hp.
2nd place - John Wilcox again with the Dinan super charged E39 +100hp.
3rd - Marty Saltzman with his E30 race car +30hp.

Gentlemen come and clam your prizes!!!

Special thanks to Graham Smith and Ricardo Castro at North Scottsdale BMW for attending and providing the very cool Billet pedal set prize, and Mike Beam with Competative Edge for providing the Motul prize.
Thanks to Brian Cole with BC Auto detailing for cooking up the grub.
Last but not least, thanks to the Road Runner Chapter for makeing it all possible. We absolutely can’t wait till the next one!!


  01/16/09 00:33, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno

BMW Dyno Day, Car Show and BBQ for the Roadrunner Chapter on Saturday, January 24, 2009
The event will start at 11AM for the Car Show. Lunch will be at Noon, and Dyno time will start at about 1PM and run until 6PM or 7PM. Dyno time is going to be on a reservation basis with any open slots filled on a first come first served basis. Dyno time always gets booked up EARLY. To reserve your slot, contact Jon Firpach at GoodSpeed by calling 480-747-6150, or by emailing him at

$50 for Club members for three pulls on the Dyno. The cost for non-members will be $65, but you can sign up to become a Club member at the event and receive the discount. Standard charge is $75 for this valuable Dyno time. Tuning of your car will be available at an additional charge at the end of the day, time permitting.
GoodSpeed will offer prizes based on greatest gains in Horsepower over stock. First Place is a free Motul oil change, Second Place is a certificate for 1/2 price labor at GoodSpeed up to 4 hours and a GoodSpeed T-shirt. Third Place is a free GoodSpeed T-shirt. GoodSpeed T-shirts are available for purchase at $10 for Club members, $19 for non-members. There will also be activities for those of us who don't feel the need to "run the numbers." Since the rest of Godspeed’s facility is so nice, we will do a car show in the parking area in front of their retail store. The lot has frontage on Priest Drive, so you can be sure your cars will get noticed. We will be awarding a free Dyno run for Best in Show as voted on by the GoodSpeed staff.
We invite all to come show there best, enjoy the BBQ, explore the GoodSpeed facility and have a Fun afternoon.


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G37 Access Port now available at GoodSpeed.

  01/12/09 01:28, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, New Products, Dyno, Tuning

Once again Goodspeed works with the software manufactures to help create a better product.

GoodSpeed is proud to be apart of Cobb's efforts in perfecting the G37 AP for Arizona 91 OCT fuel. Many hours of remote dyno tuning, in cooperation with Cobb for the infinity G37 has made us the absolute best place to get your Access Port. Look to us for the new 370Z products coming soon.
Goodspeed is also Arizona’s best place for dyno tuning AP for Subaru, and EVO.

Goodspeed is also Arizona’s best place for dyno tuning AP for Subaru, and EVO.

SL65 AMG, GoodSpeed Makes BIG power with the BIG DOG!

  01/02/09 19:58, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: dyno in arizona, dyno in scottsdale, maha, maha arizona, maha dyno, maha in temp, renntech, renntech arizona, renntech in arizona, renntech packages, renntech phoenix, renntech scottsdale, renntech sl 65, renntech temp, renntech tuning, renntech usa, stage2

GoodSpeed takes the extra step when fine-tuning AMG’s big dog!

While some shops are limited by their equipment, GoodSpeed is not! We are fortunate enough to own the most accurate dyno in North America, the same dyno the Mercedes-Benz factory uses for Research and Development. This provides us a distinct advantage. We work directly with RennTech Mercedes, sharing feedback and data that no one else can. No fake numbers here, our MaHa dyno will measure exact crank horsepower numbers. As proof of it’s accuracy we tested a stock SL65 and repeatedly measured 601 flywheel horsepower. The factory SAE rating is 604hp, a variance of only 0.5%! Our ability to graph not only boost and A/F but also intake temps (pre and post intercooler), throttle position, oil temperature, and timing makes for precise data analysis. This data can be overlaid on horsepower, torque, and drivetrain loss curves. With this data RennTech’s talented engineers can fully refine the vehicle’s tune.

For tuning perfection GoodSpeed Performance Lab is the place for your Mercedes.

Power Achieved with RennTech stage 2!

677.8 crank Hp +74hp
918.0 crank Tq +180

All numbers are actual crank, not estimated

GoodSpeed is Arizona’s only major stocking RennTech distributor, and is a RennTech fully authorized tuning facility. Stop by or call us today to discuss the creation of the Mercedes of your dreams.

BMW 335i Power packages making impressive #’s at GoodSpeed performance!

  09/11/08 09:34, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 135i, 335i, 535i, bmw, chip, cross, downpipes, dyno sheets, e90, e91, e92, e93, evotech, flash, goodspeed, maha, mini, software

BMW 335i

We have now made available our Goodspeed power packages, after much research and development we are offering stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 power packs. And we have the "truly accurate dyno results" in "real crank horse power" to back it up, this is a just a taste and more will be posted soon with dyno sheets for all stages. Goodspeed is Arizona’s ultimate BMW performance destination. And we are your complete source for 135i, 335i, and 535i twin turbo needs, including styling, big brake kits, suspension, software, Quaife differentials, exhaust and more……

GoodSpeed Performance Lab’s BMW 335i performance packages for ALL models:

Stage one: custom Evotech software designed to Goodspeed specs raises HP to 375 and 425 lb-ft torque

Includes: (Exclusive to GoodSpeed specs)

  • custom fuel and timing maps
  • increased redline
  • removed top speed limiter
  • raised torque limiter
  • increased water pump speed
  • turns on cooling fans sooner

USD: $1199.00

Stage 1 Dyno Results:
BMW 335i Stage 1 Dyno

Stage two: Package raises Hp to 392Hp and 438lb-ft torque

Includes: (Exclusive to Goodspeed specs)

  • Evotech/GoodSpeed stage 2 software
  • custom fuel and timing maps for high flow intake and down pipes
  • increased redline
  • removed top speed limiter
  • raised torque limiter
  • increased water pump speed
  • turns on cooling fans sooner
  • high flow true cold air intake with ram air capability
  • high flow turbo down pipes with high flow catalytic converters with larger tube Diameter

USD: $2840.00 plus installation

Stage 2 Dyno Results:
BMW 335i Stage 2 Dyno

Stage three: Package raises Hp to 412Hp and 444lb-ft torque (safely)

Includes: (Exclusive to Goodspeed specs)

  • All that is included in the stage2 package PLUS
  • Borla cat back exhaust system
  • over sized hi flow front mount intercooler (gives the car a safe, consistent Power under the curve)
  • High capacity oil cooler kit.
  • cattless high flow down pipes (software turns off check engine light) off road use only!

USD: $6189.00 plus installation

Stage Four: Package raises Horse power to approximately 500hp and 510lb-ft torque


  • All that is in the stage three PLUS
  • Two upgrade turbos.
  • accommodating fuel and timing programming.

USD : Under development. Coming soon.

Ask about our other products for the 135i, 335i and 535i!

Call or e-mail Jon or Joe for information on transfoming your BMW into the car of your dreams at 480-747-6150!

Goodspeed also offers a full line of software and performance parts for the new M3 and X6!

GoodSpeed Performance is First to release the RennTech ECU software for the 2008 Bentley, producing 625 hp!

  07/10/08 15:31, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 0 - 60mph 4_3 seconds, 5998cc, 6-speed automatic transmission, 600bhp, 610ps, acceleration, bentley, continental, continental gt speed, continuous all-wheel drive, ecu, gt, lowering, lowering module, module, speed

Now available from GoodSpeed Performance: the 625 HP 565TQ Bentley ECU flash.

This new RennTech ECU Flash raises the Bentley Continental and Flying Spur’s twin-turbo W12 from the stock 552 HP to 625 HP. The GT Speed Coupe experiences a bump from 600HP to the same 625 HP. GoodSpeed is the first to offer this new RennTech flash in house. RennTech's Bentley ECU software upgrade is now available for $6400 US for Bentley Continental and Flying Spur, and $6800 US for the GT Speed Coupe. Contact Jon or Joe at GoodSpeed Performance for more information.

In addition to the power-producing ECU upgrade, GoodSpeed is offers the RennTech digital lowering module for Bentley. This module features multiple microprocessors that constantly communicate with the existing on-board systems, unlike other lowering products that "trick" the stock systems and disable the standard diagnostics. RennTech's lowering module allows owners to set the car up to 50 MM below the stock setting and provides eight levels of adjustability for each of the front and the rear wheels. The car can be lowered so it is level, or lowered more in the front for a 'raked' look. Alternatively, lowering the rear of the car more will help with weight transfers benefiting straight line performance at a drag strip. The RennTech digital lowering module available now for $1395 US.

Above: Continental Flying Spur with the RennTech performance ECU flash and lowering module.

GoodSpeed employees a MaHa LPS3000 all wheel drive dynamometer; which is necessary to accurately test the continuous, all-wheel-drive systems in the Bentley.

IT'S IN!! THE MaHa LPS3000 IS IN!!

  06/30/08 10:23, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Dyno, Tuning , Tags: 08wrx, 2wd, 335i, 350z, 540i, awd, bmw, challenger, cl600, dodge, dynamometer, dyno, dynorun, evotech, flash, g500, maha, renntech

It’s finally in, and I must say this is the most sophisticated dyno we have ever experienced. Most of you know that Joe and I have been using dynos for years, and we would like to say that we have seen it all… not the case. We have trained on it with Udo and Michal from MaHa for days, and there are still functions and capabilities we are learning about. This thing is amazing; the accuracy is refreshing, and the ability to measure flywheel horsepower is like suddenly having perfect vision after years of wearing glasses. This dyno seems more at home in a research and development facility than a tuning shop, and that’s exactly the kind of precision we wanted! I want to thank all involved for all the help and we invite everyone to stop by and see for yourself what a amazing piece of equipment this is.

Goodspeed Performance

Nothing like breaking it in with a little Twin Turbo power.

From the dealer to the dyno, one of the first to dyno the new big dog!!

New WRX, COBB everything!

R32 (nice John)

BMW 540I six speed:

BMW 335I with EVOTECH software:

MaHa AWD dyno is almost in. Update.

  06/23/08 04:21, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Dyno , Tags: 2wd, awd, dynamometer, dyno, install, maha

It has been long awaited, and it’s finally going in this week! Udo from MaHa is installing the dyno as I write this. We should be doing some testing by the end of the week. The pit was put in last week; it was quite a task but all went well and we are thankful of all that were involved in this project. We are still working on dyno rates but should have something set by next week. For those who are not familiar with this particular dynamometer, I will be writing a blog about its abilities and how it works, in the near future. We like to keep everyone up to date so these are the pictures so far...

The MaHa Dyno has arrived!!

  05/16/08 11:22, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Dyno , Tags: 2wd, awd, dynamometer, dyno, install, maha

Well it’s been long awaited but the MaHa lps3000 dyno has finally come in and is due for installation in the first part of June. We thank all our current customers for all their support and even though we are still under construction we invite everyone to stop in any time.


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