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Renntech SL63 build article by CSJ!!

  10/21/15 12:45, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, Tuning, Forced Induction

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Dyno mode engaged, traction control off and the glory of Renntech is enjoyed

Rebecca NguyenOct 12, 2015
October 12, 2015

Mercedes­Benz has designed its 2013 SL­63 AMG 5.5 liter twin turbo to a standard fit of it’s price, but insert RENNtech and what you have on your hands is something a bit more than your usual luxury automobile.  Installed and tested by Goodspeed Performance in Scottsdale Arizona, the twin turbo kit modified, fabricated, and offered by RENNtech puts power and pressure on the OEM design.

While utilizing OEM locations and fitment sizes, RENNtech reuses the OEM turbo housings and modifies them by using motorsport derived ball bearing turbochargers from Turbo by Garrett.  In order to repurpose the turbo housings to fit the larger internal cartridge, both the housing and impeller must be CNC machined in house to RENNtech spec.  RENNtech doesn’t share their exact design or modification specifications to the public, but the overall dyno numbers are enough to understand the benefit of their product.

Goodspeed Merc BuildThe increase in power requires an increase in the bottom end strength.  RENNtech also had a part in building the planetary gear style transmission internals to be strong enough to handle the increase of power.  Goodspeed also installed a Wavetrac limited slip differential that required a 6mm shaving of the inside of the differential casing in order for it to fit.  No structural issues are to be expected from this change and the need for this is highly common.

Matthew Garrett, a technician at Goodspeed Performance that performed the majority of the install, stated that the overall install took 16 hours with a four week down time during which the transmission was sent out to be modified by RENNtech.  Matthew also stated that the install was “quite abnormally easy to do.”   After removing just a couple of plugs and separate the control arms from the subframe, the subframe comes down from the car and because the kit does not require any sort of in house placement modifications it was all plug and play.

Goodspeed has yet to dyno the SL­63, but expects numbers around 800 torque.

For those of you not familiar with RENNtech, it was established by Hartmut Feyhl in 1989 and supplies everything from a shift knob to a complete car, including the 200 mph Renntech E7.4RS, the fastest sedan in the world in 1996.  Feyhl who spent 12 years at AMG before branching out to start RENNtech, is regarded as the USA’s foremost authority on Mercedes tuning.  Even though RENNtech is the prominent Mercedes specialists, recently they have started to offer products for brands such as: Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Photography by Rebecca Nguyen

Photo Gallery



Well rounded enthusiast of everything with wheels and aspiring model, Rebecca is the owner of the ‘03 Subaru WRX dubbed Bananaru born and raised in New River, AZ. Rebecca started with an obnoxiously yellow Subaru, modifications primarily revolving around suspension and handling and is currently piecing together a 2.5 liter with forged internals.. In the last 3 years she has attended and covered events including, Formula Drift, Global RallyCross, SEMA, Vegas Drift and hosted many local to Arizona events including Pizzas and Pistons 1 through 4, Tread in Pink, and Back to the Drift. Product and experience reviews are one of her main interests especially when it comes to things Subaru related.

Audi B8 A4/A5 & Q5 S3 K04 Turbocharger System

  08/13/10 19:45, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction

APR's S3 K04 Turbo Conversion is now available for the Audi B8 A4/A5 & Q5 2.0 TFSI Valvelift engine.

APR has developed an excellent entry leve

l turbocharger upgrade for the 2.0 TFSI VL engine by incorporating the OEM turbocharger assembly from the Audi S3 and coupling it with APR's expertly recalibrated engine management upgrade. APR's Engineering Team has developed a powerful and reliable turbocharger upgrade that maintains OEM engine bay appearance and offers up to 116 hp and 113 lb ft of torque over the OEM power output of the 2.0 TFSI. Reliability, drivability, stealth and enhanced performance that cannot be bested are the highlights of APR's newest OEM-component based conversion package. APR's engineers have expertly recalibrated the engine management system to allow for nearly flat torque delivery from 2800 RPM to 5000 RPM which results in a smooth linear pull throughout the power band. Keeping the track enthusiast in mind, this conversion package will not result in overpowering of the driveline but will allow for smooth acceleration to easily maintain control while cornering. The Borg Warner K04 turbocharger selected by VAG engineers is perfectly sized for the 2.0 liters of displacement to allow for stout horsepower numbers as the RPMs increase with no dramatic fall off as redline approaches. This ensures plenty of power in the high RPMs for continued acceleration in the straights and positioning at the healthiest portion of the power band after corner exit.Optional OEM Exhaust Compatibility While a full exhaust is recommended for maximum power, If you're in a situation where running a high flow exhaust is not permissable, APR has also developed software specificly to use with your OEM Exhaust system. You may switch betw

een high flow exhaust software or OEM exhaust software free of charge any time you alter your exhaust system.

APR's Patented EMCS Technology Featuring APR's Patented EMCS program switching functionality and DirectPort Programming, APR's Engine Management Calibration for this conversion package allows for a range of Octane and situation specific calibrations to be installed simultaneously on your vehicle's ECU. These programs and features are able to be cycled through via your existing factory cruise control and activated in less than 20 seconds. You will be able to choose 1 to 4 Programs listed below. You will also be able to add APR Security Lockout, APR Fault Code Erase and APR Anti-Theft features. Programs* Stock - OEM Operation 212 HP 267 LB-FT APR 91 Octane (R+M)/2 or 95 RON Power Figures TBA APR 93 Octane (R+M)/2 or 98 RON¹ 312 HP 367 LB-FT +116 HP @ 5550 RPM +113 LB-FT @ 4950 RPM APR 100 Octane (R+M)/2 or 104 RON Power Figures TBA APR Valet *It is essential to ensure your vehicle is filled with at least the minimum octane rating for each Performance Calibration when activating the program. ¹Figures measured using Stock Intercoolers, Stock intake and APR RSC Turboback Single Exit Exhaust System.

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Goodspeed Performance Audi B7 Stage 3 sleeper build

  07/17/10 19:18, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: a4, apr, audi, awe, big turbo, dyno, goodspeed, intercooler, performance, s4, stage3, tuning

Never see it coming, Goodspeed's big turbo builds in Arizona are now becoming commonplace. Whether on a Subaru, BMW or Audi, we offer packages and service that performs!! This time its a sleeper, this B7 Audi 2.0 project has all the punch but hides it well, with the exception of the large exhaust tips and, if you look real close, the huge AWE front mount intercooler, you would never know that this one is packing a GT28 turbo with all the trimmings. Producing a true Maha dyno proven 380 FT-TQ and 367 horsepower to the flywheel most that come up against it will never have seen it coming!!

*APR stage 3 big turbo kit

*Carbonio CF intake system

*Goodspeed turbo back exhaust system

*Autospeed Fuel pump kit

*AWE front mount intercooler system

*AWE (perfect match) vent mount boost guage


please inquire for pricing on this exact kit for your 2.0 Fsi Audi B7


E90 M3 4.6L Supercharged Stroker Project.

  03/27/10 20:11, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: e90, ess, kit, m3, supercharged, supercharger, supercharger_kit

When 4.0 liters just isn't enough!!

Yep!  We  are already working the GoodSpeed Magic  in our new Scottsdale location.  Here are  some photos of the 4.6l stoker motor with ESS V2 supercharger kit installed.  For this project the manifold was left raw.  Power is well beyond 650 hp depending on fuel.

ESS  V2 intecooled supercharger kit

RD Sport 4.6l stroker long block

RD Sport long tube headers/system

RD Sport body kit

Ultraleggera wheels

Brembo Brake kit in yellow.



supercharger kit e90 M3


Project MK6 GTI

  03/27/10 19:33, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction

More Magic for the new GTI!!

The new TSI 2.0 is already a phonominal power plant and its capabilities seem endless. We have already proven 383 hp on our anemic AZ 91oct fuel with simple bolt on kits from APR and perfect driveability and silky smooth power. We have already started with the MK6 using APR software and working with Forge to create a Twin cooler that will work with the new chassis. We are well on our way to making all that power and more on the new car. Take a look at the new IC, by far the best kit on the market for the MK6, and now its only available through GOODSPEED!

APR  stage 2+ flash

GOODSPEED  3" cat-less down pipe

Forge/GOODSPEED  FMIC twin cooler

Carbonio stage 2 cold air intake system

AWE 2010 A5 2.0 FMIC install and review.

  01/24/10 23:40, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: New Products, Forced Induction , Tags: a5, intercooler, tuning

OK so due to the move up to our new Scottsdale location, we haven't had much time to keep up with letting everyone know about cool stuff that we have been up to, so there is some catching up to do like the AWE FMIC fitting on the new A5. The project was to see if AWE's A4 Fmic would work on the new A5 with the front structure being so similar, so we got together a couple of months ago with AWE and had them send us one, (for experimental purposes). The result was outstanding! The already proven inter-cooler fit perfectly and was as always first quality. The ability of this cooler is far beyond the cars stock turbo and paves the way for the addition of a big turbo. By the time this blog is our i do believe that it will be readily available as a AWE approved Product for the A5.AWE A5

Rocking the R Class.

  08/20/09 01:59, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Uncategorized, News, Forced Induction , Tags: mercedies

Well when most think of the R class they think of the school run or going to the kids soccer games, well… that is unless you’re one of the very few that ordered the R63. Well we helped one of our best clients go a different direction! We started with a standard black R 320 4matic. A bit bland yes but not for long, the team at GoodSpeed turned this bland R in to a sporty torque monster. Installing a custom Lorinser body kit, 21” wheels and a truly ground pounding tune for the turbo charged V6 CID*, turning this SUV in to a stump pulling looker.

Full Lorinser body kit, custom painted with matching silver accents to match the OEM style.
21” 5 spoke AMG wheels
Custom tune with BMC high flow intake filters and custom exhaust.


mercedes r320


cdi turbo mercedies

R Class

lorinser body kit R 320 4matic goodspeed

R 320 4matic

R 320 4matic

Full lorinser body kit

Full lorinser body kit

Full lorinser body kit goodspeed

Full lorinser body kit R 320 4matic

lorinser body kit R 320 4matic goodspeed

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Audi B8 A4 2.0T FSI ECU Upgrade Released!

  07/24/09 20:39, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: a4, audi, b8, ecu, flash, stage1

Not only does APR's Stage I ECU Upgrade give you higher peak numbers of 234 horsepower and 333lb-ft. of torque, but also gains of up to 40 horsepower and 71 lb-ft are available throughout the power band! APR's ECU Upgrade is the best power per dollar modification for the new 2.0 TFSI Valve Lift and gives it just the extra edge these cars lack from the factory without pushing the limits. With factory like smoothness and drivability APR's ECU Upgrade will fill the void in an otherwise excellent car..
APR Stage I ECU Upgrade Calibration Report Stock 91 Octane (R+M)/2
95 Octane RON 93 Octane (R+M)/2
98 Octane RON 100 Octane (R+M)/2
104 Octane RON
Rev Limit (RPM) 6800 RPM 6800 RPM 6800 RPM 6800 RPM
Speed Limit (MPH) 130 MPH Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Power (HP) 212 HP 229 HP 234 HP 268 HP
Torque (LB-FT) 260 TQ 323 TQ 333 TQ 338 TQ
Peak Gain from Stock (HP@RPM) 35 HP @ 5500 RPM 40 HP @ 5500 RPM 62 HP @ 5500 RPM
Peak Gain from Stock (TQ@RPM) 64 TQ @ 2250 RPM 74 TQ @ 2250 RPM 78 TQ @ 2500
audi b8 a4 stage1_93_crank

APR 2.0 TSI Transversal Stage 3 Turbo System

  07/19/09 20:36, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Uncategorized, Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: 2_otsi, 8p, a3, apr, audi, cc, dsg, dyno, gli, gti, mkii, mkv, stage3, tiguan, tiptronic, tsi, tt, vag, vw


Now available!
APR's 2.0T FSI Stage 3, through the newest technology in VAG engines, the 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TFSI. Only APR can bring such a rich history of development and OEM quality to the performance aftermarket.
apr TSI stage 3 gti
VAG's newest iteration of the 2 liter, turbocharged and direct injected inline 4 cylinder engine is a complete redesign of the previous 2.0T FSI and has brought many new opportunities to performance aftermarket engineering. Lower compression, a more reliable fueling system and a complete redesign of both the cylinder head and bottom end allow for a much more efficient and reliable operation which results in a great balance of horsepower and torque potential.
The APR Stage III includes every part necessary to completely upgrade the turbocharger system. Each component is completely engineered to deliver a turn-key solution with no additional expenses required other than oil, coolant and the typical supporting modifications for these power levels such as a cat-back exhaust, intercooler and upgraded intake. Every nut, bolt, gasket, associated hardware and all turbocharger system components required for fitment and reliability are included as well. A complete step by step installation guide including recommended tools, estimated time of install and detailed pictures is supplied to each client. APR's expertly calibrated DPP ECU Upgrade specific to the Stage III Turbocharger System is included and is the glue that holds all of the substantial power delivery, drivability and reliability together. No other company in the world provides such a complete Turbocharger System for your TSI at these power levels.
Representing the latest in turbocharger technology, an APR/Garrett Ballistic series turbocharger is the only choice for this premium turbocharger system. APR is unique in that we deal directly with Garrett turbochargers rather than buying turbochargers through turbocharger supply houses. Our engineering-house distributor status with Garrett turbochargers means that we receive assistance from the manufacturer on technical issues and work with Garrett engineers on specifying the optimal turbocharger for each application.
The Stage III exhaust manifold is investment cast out of Inconel, a high-temperature nickel alloy. The manifold was designed in CAD and optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. What this means to the end user is the ultimate in performance and reliability.
APR developed a new housing that is sized according to engine displacement and maximum power output. The new cast housing allows the proper metering of the additional airflow and to minimize pressure losses. The cast aluminum housing is CNC machined to exacting tolerances and powder-coated to inhibit corrosion. A honeycomb style flow straightener is also added to prevent the MAF from seeing erroneous signals.
After the exhaust gases have left the turbocharger turbine, they flow into this stainless steel piece that directs the exhaust gases down, towards the underside of the car into the supplied exhaust downpipe.
From the cast APR exhaust downturn, the exhaust begins its travel out of the car through the three inch downpipe that is included with the Stage III kit.
APR uses a reinforced silicone hose to route the inlet air from the MAF housing into the compressor inlet of the turbocharger. This hose also has provisions for other connections, such as the stock crankcase vent hoses and the APR diverter valve adaptor.
This silicone hose directs air from the compressor outlet of the turbocharger to the compressor outlet pipe. The APR diverter valve adaptor also connects to this hose, as well a boost signal line for the N75 boost control valve.
APR uses a reinforced silicone hose to route the inlet air from the intake into the MAF housing.
APR includes a billet CNC adaptor that allows the stock diverter valve to be reused with the APR compressor inlet hose.
APR Oil Feed Adapter
APR Oil Line
APR Coolant Lines
APR Fitting Details
All Included Gaskets
APR Crankcase Ventilation Fitting
APR DV N75 Mounting Bracket
APR DV and N75 Assembled
APR MAF Power Extension Wires

M Roadster ESS Supercharger Results

  06/14/09 16:41, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Uncategorized, New Products, Forced Induction , Tags: az dyno, bmw, dyno tuning, e46, ess tuning, m3, supercharger

GoodSpeed Performance Lab completes another ESS Supercharger. This one lives in the bay area and you may see him on the track. He frequents Infineon Raceway, Thunder Hill and Laguna Seca.
This car came to us with Dinan throttle bodies and cold air intake. The baseline on the Maha Dyno was 345.2hp at 7900rpm and 280tq at 5400rpm on 91 octane.

On this kit ESS uses a clutched charger. This enables the charger to 'free wheel' at cursing speeds as to minimize parasitic loss.

The air to air intercooler fits behind the bumper cover without cutting.

A Setrab Oil Cooler is included on the M Coupe and Roadster.

And now for the results;

Horsepower is increased to 481.7hp at 8200rpm up 136.5hp
Torque is up to 340.7 that's up by 60.ftlb

some photos of the parts.
ASA ESS supercharger for BMW
http://www.goodspeedpM Roadster intake manifold by ess
supercharger kit for M roaster and M coupe bmw

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ESS Tuning Supercharger kit for the E39 M5

  05/31/09 18:01, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Uncategorized, Forced Induction , Tags: az dyno, bmw, dyno tuning, e39, ess tuning, m5, supercharger

ESS Tuning is now offering a supercharger for the E39 M5. We are proud to be a part of it! This is the only kit supercharger the M5. The fit and finish is outstanding, truly OEM quality, and the performance complements the already incredible M5 power! At only 6 lbs the ESS bred beast made over 150hp and 120lb increase on 91 octane on our MAHA Dyno!
M5 supercharged on dyno



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