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Renntech SL63 build article by CSJ!!

  10/21/15 12:45, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, Tuning, Forced Induction

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Dyno mode engaged, traction control off and the glory of Renntech is enjoyed

Rebecca NguyenOct 12, 2015
October 12, 2015

Mercedes­Benz has designed its 2013 SL­63 AMG 5.5 liter twin turbo to a standard fit of it’s price, but insert RENNtech and what you have on your hands is something a bit more than your usual luxury automobile.  Installed and tested by Goodspeed Performance in Scottsdale Arizona, the twin turbo kit modified, fabricated, and offered by RENNtech puts power and pressure on the OEM design.

While utilizing OEM locations and fitment sizes, RENNtech reuses the OEM turbo housings and modifies them by using motorsport derived ball bearing turbochargers from Turbo by Garrett.  In order to repurpose the turbo housings to fit the larger internal cartridge, both the housing and impeller must be CNC machined in house to RENNtech spec.  RENNtech doesn’t share their exact design or modification specifications to the public, but the overall dyno numbers are enough to understand the benefit of their product.

Goodspeed Merc BuildThe increase in power requires an increase in the bottom end strength.  RENNtech also had a part in building the planetary gear style transmission internals to be strong enough to handle the increase of power.  Goodspeed also installed a Wavetrac limited slip differential that required a 6mm shaving of the inside of the differential casing in order for it to fit.  No structural issues are to be expected from this change and the need for this is highly common.

Matthew Garrett, a technician at Goodspeed Performance that performed the majority of the install, stated that the overall install took 16 hours with a four week down time during which the transmission was sent out to be modified by RENNtech.  Matthew also stated that the install was “quite abnormally easy to do.”   After removing just a couple of plugs and separate the control arms from the subframe, the subframe comes down from the car and because the kit does not require any sort of in house placement modifications it was all plug and play.

Goodspeed has yet to dyno the SL­63, but expects numbers around 800 torque.

For those of you not familiar with RENNtech, it was established by Hartmut Feyhl in 1989 and supplies everything from a shift knob to a complete car, including the 200 mph Renntech E7.4RS, the fastest sedan in the world in 1996.  Feyhl who spent 12 years at AMG before branching out to start RENNtech, is regarded as the USA’s foremost authority on Mercedes tuning.  Even though RENNtech is the prominent Mercedes specialists, recently they have started to offer products for brands such as: Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Photography by Rebecca Nguyen

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Well rounded enthusiast of everything with wheels and aspiring model, Rebecca is the owner of the ‘03 Subaru WRX dubbed Bananaru born and raised in New River, AZ. Rebecca started with an obnoxiously yellow Subaru, modifications primarily revolving around suspension and handling and is currently piecing together a 2.5 liter with forged internals.. In the last 3 years she has attended and covered events including, Formula Drift, Global RallyCross, SEMA, Vegas Drift and hosted many local to Arizona events including Pizzas and Pistons 1 through 4, Tread in Pink, and Back to the Drift. Product and experience reviews are one of her main interests especially when it comes to things Subaru related.

AWE carbon fiber intake system for the S6!

  03/18/15 18:29, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Forced Induction

Extremely impressive gains today with the new AWE carbon fiber intake system for the S6! In the base run this car had APR stage one software on 91 octane fuel the AWE cat back and BMC filter, The gain showed on the dyno chart is with only the airbox added nothing else!

AWE carbon fiber intake system for the S6!

  03/14/15 18:29, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Forced Induction

Best intake combo on the market!

  01/27/15 01:08, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, Forced Induction , Tags: apr, cai, carbonio carbon fiber intakes, vw


Best intake combo on the market for the New GTI! APRs ridiculously well engineered carbon fiber intake with the Forge super smooth turbo inlet hose, available in red, black or blue!

And the best part, we stock both!

AUDI S7 stage 1+ package

  07/23/14 17:41, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Tuning, Forced Induction
AUDI S7 stage 1+ package

We have put together what we feel is the perfect entry level package for the S6/S7! While the power is already incredible on the twin turbo v8 power plant we have added APR stage one software, BMC high flow intake filer, and the huge pipe diameter of the Milltek downpipe back exhaust. This makes for a radically fast car with perfect reliability intoxicating sound and Oem quality!!!

for more info and pricing, or to scedual a build call Greg, Alli or Jon @480-747-6150



It's Alpha Time!

  06/04/13 11:30, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction

GoodSpeed Performance is no stranger to the Nissan GT-R and the VR38 motor.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on several of them.  For most people who own GT-R's, what can be had with bolt on's and tuning is enough.  Every now and then it's not.  When that happens, we look to AMS and their Alpha packages.  GoodSpeed Performance has a long history with AMS Performance and we were thrilled to become an Alpha Dealer, and start offering Alpha 9 installs, in house!

Our client has had his GT-R for some time and finally decided to go big!  His concern was that the car had to be safe and reliable as a daily driver for him and his wife!  With AMS parts and tuning, we knew we could deliver on those needs!  Time for some pictures! 

Here is photo of it's first day at GoodSpeed during the baseline run.  The car made 400.8 AWHP which is right in line with what we normally see out of these cars!

 Engine bay is stock as can be, and dirty (as this is a daily driver)!

 Front end off the car, and the stock intakes and intercooler have got to go!!!

 Here is a picture of most of the major parts about to go on the car!  Lots of hoses, pipes, fittings, etc were left out for better effect!

The package includes:

  • Billet Wheel Upgraded Turbos
  • 90mm Catless Downpipes
  • 90mm Midpipe
  • HKS Legamax Exhaust
  • AMS Wastegate Actuators
  • AMS Alpha Intercooler
  • AMS Alpha Intakes
  • Dual Tial Q BOV's
  • AMS Proprietary Injectors
  • AMS Upgraded Fuel System Including Dual Pumps
  • Cobb AccessPort with ECM and TCM Control
  • AMS Alpha Software Tuning
  • All Neccessary Accessories and Connectors

 In order to swap turbos on a VR38, the engine has to come out, so down she comes!

 Engine is out, this is what we call the point of no return!  It's going to go back in bigger, better and FASTER than it came out!

 Installing the left turbo first and all the accessories that come with it!  The AMS kit is very good in that all neccessary parts are included!  Nothing less than the best at this level!

 Here you can see the stock downpipe on the right compared to the AMS catless pipe on the left!  Huge difference!!!

 Time for the right side to get a matching turbo!  The tolerances with this kit are amazing!  Everything fit perfectly like it should!

 Both turbos are on and the engine is getting buttoned up to be put back in the car!

 Engine is in!  With all that extra boost, you know AMS has the solutions to drop the Intake Air Temps!  HUGE front mount to replace the (still pretty impressive) stock unit!

 Plumbing is installed, intakes are going on!

 Finally, time to tune the Alpha 9 GT-R.  Due to our horrible 91 octane, AMS and GoodSpeed custom tuned the car for about a week.  We made 11 software revisions and did countless logs!  Some tuners would have stopped at 3-4.  With AMS and GoodSpeed, we didn't stop until it was done right.  Startup, idle, part throttle, full throttle, A/F Ratio, etc ALL had to be perfect.

 Back on the dyno, time to see what it can make!  The excitement was definitely in the air this day.  We had people stopping by watching through the window all day!  Our neighbors even came over to see what was running in there!

 A clean engine bay any GT-R owner would be proud of!

 Almost ready for delivery!  As you can imagine our client was excited to pick the car up!

Finally, the proof is in the pudding.  This Alpha 9 GT-R put down 667 AWHP and 668 AWTQ to the MaHa Dyno!  That is on our terrible 91 octane pump gas!  That is a 267 awhp gain over the baseline on PUMP GAS!!!


To say that we were thrilled with the results is the understatement of the year!  We couldn't be happier with the car, AMS products, or AMS service.  They make a great product, have great expertise and worked with us through the entire build to make one client VERY, VERY happy!

If we can assist you with your GT-R whether it's an Alpha or just bolt on's and tuning feel free to contact us at 480-747-6150!


  07/09/12 13:35, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction

It's official, the hot new car is the Audi TT-RS!  These cars are incredible!  We have had the fortune of having 4 or 5 of them in here recently and a few more for dyno's!  We have compiled a ton of good baseline data!  As good as the cars are stock, more and more mods are becoming available for them seemingly by the day!

So far, we have done tunes, an intercooler, exhaust, methanol injection with a GoodSpeed Performance CUSTOM meth tank, and a few other goodies!  With a tune, exhaust and methanol, these cars make OVER 420hp and 460tq!  The power comes on hard very fast and carries all the way to redline!!


If you have been on the fence about whether or not to tune your TT-RS rest assured these cars are very tune friendly and we can make them the brute monsters they were designed to be!!  Give us a call at 480-747-6150 to discuss options!

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400 horse power for your S4 same day.

  07/03/12 09:02, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: 3_0t, apr, audi, b8, dyno, s4, supercharger, tuning in az, tunng in scottdale

For those of you thinking of upping the power on your 3.0T, it's never been easier!! Goodspeed can flash and install the APR super charger pulley same day giving the S4 and A6 a solid 400 hp. This beautiful S4 just got its wings and made 403 crank horse power, even in July heat!


New APR Flash equipment for tuning AUDI and VW in-house!

  06/25/12 11:29, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: News, Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: a6, apr, audi, s4, ttrs, vw

GoodSpeed Performance has always been on the cuyting edge of Audi and VW tuning in Arizona and we now have our latest addition.  We can now flash APR software for all 3.0t Audi's, including the S4 and A6 "in-HOUSE"!  No more having to send out the ecu  and wait 3 days to get it back!  We can now flash it same day.  Shortly this will include all the TT-RS cars as well as the V10 R8.  We also have the APR pulley removal and reinstallation tool for even further performance upgrades on site!   
So if you have been waiting to pull the trigger we have made it easy!  Give us a call today to set up your tuning appointment at 480-747-6150!

TT-RS gets some cool new power in the hot desert!

  06/23/12 11:33, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction

The Audi TT-RS is an out of the box rocket, but out here in AZ, as I'm sure in many places west of the Mississippi, the fuel is just not what the hotrod TT wants to drink.  We have found that many of these cars are pulling timing due to detionation straight off the show room floor!  So what we did was added a full custom meth injection system to cool the hot intake charge down and boost octane.  Since we had the cooling and the octane needed to make good power; we also gave the inline five a new tune (93oct) to bump up the ponies even more. The results where grand; take a look at the dyno sheet. This was in over 102F ambent temp!!!


Huge gains in horsepower and torque, as well as a smooth power curve that pulls all the way to redline!  Of course this took a bit of tuning of the HFS-4 Meth controller, allowing us to dial in the meth as needed!  The HFS-4 Aquamist system is specifically designed to work with direct injected power plants, utilizing the signal from the ECU to the injectors to calculate load as well as cross referencing the pressure sensor to give the ultimate in precision meth control. Of course we didn't want to just stick another plastic bottle in the rear hatch, taking up more space, as well as putting the the meth just feet from the driver.  So we engineered and fabricated a perfect fit, all inclusive, tank that bolts securely to the core support under the hood.  This tank also acts as the home of the pump, flow sensor, and control valve. Taking into acount that this car is brand new, we also wanted to make a system that is easy to remove for the dealer if nessasary.  Three screws and one quick line disconnect and the entire unit can be set aside.  It doesn't get much easier than that!


It doesn't stop there!  We needed a way to give the pilot a way to moniter the system so we custom mounted the Aquamist guage in the center pod of the AC vent leaving a gap around the unit to allow for cold air flow to unrestricted into the cabin.  Those who live in hotter climates know how important that is!  We even retained the ability to open or close the vent with the guage mounted!  This also gives an optimal vew to the driver.  The results are a 415hp, 463tq monster that pulls like a freight train!



If you have a TTRS that you would like to get more power out of, or, if you would like it to run like it was supposed to, give us a call at 480-747-6150 and we can talk to you about options and pricing that are immediately available!

A cool 3 Minute ESS Tuning M3 Supercharger install!

  03/15/12 09:21, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction

Ok, ok, so it's a 3 minute time lapse video.  A while back, we made a time lapse video to show how easily the ESS Tuning supercharger kits installed on the E9X M3's.  We had a lot of raw footage and planned on putting it into a movie.  After quite a bit of time, we realized that we are way better at making cars go faster than we are at video editing.  That being said, we still think it's a cool video that shows the quality of ESS Tuning kits, and how easily GoodSpeed Performance can transform an M3 into a beast!

We did a stock dyno run on the Maha, installed the kit, then did an after run.

We hope you enjoy!


  • Before were 412hp, 304tq
  • After (with stock cats) 593hp, 395tq.

This install takes less than 1 day!

If you are interested in supercharging or tuning your BMW, contact us at 480-747-6150


  09/06/11 12:45, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, Forced Induction , Tags: diff, differential, dyno, ess, exedy, lsd, mini, mini cooper, mini madness, os giken, stage 4, super single, tuining


One of our very good customers called us and wanted to take his Mini Cooper S to the next level.  He had already installed the Mini Madness Stage 4 package, along with a list of other upgrades over the years!  From the beginning he wanted to upgrade the clutch and get a Limited Slip Differential.  After hours of research, we decided to go with an OS Giken LSD and an Exedy Super Single Clutch.

Here is a pictures of the OS Giken LSD before it was installed into the car:



The quality of this unit is unbelievable!  Fit and finish are fantastic!  Next it came time to install the Exedy clutch!

The Exedy clutch is a well deserved upgrade as well and will help to handle the new found power the Mini is about to get!

For years this car had less than perfect drivability, frankly it was a bit annoying and the power on the dyno just didn't add up to the parts even tho it was tuned previously with software. So we taped the tuning skills of  ESS, betting   a better tune could be made for this little monster!  ESS Tuning has been mastering BMW Tuning for years and is now doing tuning on Mini, Mercedes, Porsche and more.  Shortly after getting the file to ESS, they were positive that not only could they make a more powerful map, they could make it smoother and more safe at the same time!  AND THEY DID!!

The owner of the Mini is glad that he made the decision to go with the Tuning.  In his own words, it "drives like a banshee now"!  The power gains are breathtaking!  Take a look at the Dyno graph below!

As you can see the gain in TQ is huge down low, and more power is evident at all RPM and the smotheness, its just so much beter that the previous companys tune.

Folowing is some more photos of the MINI.

Air temp guage for the intercooler.  Some time Back we desided to add  a oil cooler and a second heat exchanger to the intercooler system.

A new grill and a carbon fiber hood scoupe helps keep plenty of air moving under the hood.

The new Audi S4 makes some enviable power! Power Packages announced!

  07/27/11 23:01, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction , Tags: a4, apr, apr tuned, audi, az, b8, carbonio, cat back, dyno, goapr, horsepower, intake, intercooler, packages, phx, power, pully, s4, scottsdale, stage 1, stage2, stage3, supercharger

After tuning several of the new Audi S4, GoodSpeed is happy to announce that we have several power packages available to satisfy even the most demanding S4 owner!  The new Supercharged V6 makes great horsepower and torque from the factory.  When you couple that with either a great manual transmission or an incredible dual clutch, you know you have a winner.  We are consistantly making over 420 crank Hp in this 100+ heat.




However, for many enthusiasts, the need for more power calls!  We have come up with the following packages for these cars.


Power Package 1: APR Performance ECU Upgrade and APR Carbonio Intake

Power Package 2: Power Package 1 + APR Carbonio Intake Stage 2 Pipe and APR RSC Cat Back Exhaust

Power Package 3: Power Packages 1 + 2 + APR Pulley Upgrade, Tune and APR Coolant Performance System

A4 gets S4 power with Goodspeeds tuning!

  04/11/11 21:56, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction

The New B8 A4  is a fantastic platform and even the new Tiptronic auto trans is better than anything Audi has used for an automatic option EVER. But the car is a bit larger and it's still rated at only a little over 200hp.  This makes for a low fun experience. Now the optional S4 version comes with a direct injected v6 with a supercharger strapped to the top but that option is a hefty increase in price. So what is the B8 owner to do?  The answer is to install one of Goodspeed's performance packages!  We now offer all the parts to achieve more horsepower and torque than the S4 model with the existing 2.o TFSI, Yes over 330 hp and 375 Tq out of the 2.o with just a few bolt ons.


Goodspeed's turbo back exhaust (s-line and Avant only), Carbonio intake, APR's Ko4 turbo, and the New big turbo intercooler kit from F-Pak equals  dyno proven results. How did we do it?  One of the problems with the TFSI 2.0 in the 09-11 A4 is that the oem intercooler is just not up to the task, even with just a ecu flash the increased boost just simply overheats the tiny stock unit.  Even APR proclaimed that this motor has trouble taking timing. We did some testing and found that a very good intercooler solves the problem.

Paired with our full 3" turbo back exhaust system and the Huge F-Pak intercooler APR's Ko4 kit thrives and the result is a ground pounding experience with no compromise.  All at a reasonable price.


F01/02 new BMW 7 series has been added to our catalog!!

  12/09/10 13:01, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction

We have finally added the new 7 series to our catalog. We have just been so busy with builds that we are running a little behind in getting all the new products we have up on the site. There is a lot more to come in the near future! As Arizona's top BMW tuning facility you can expect more blogs on cool new builds as well as some catch up blogs on BMW builds we have completed in the recent past. One we are particularly proud of is our 682hp (on 91OCT) twin turbo 1991 M5 all built, fabricated and tuned in house.


ESS tuning software takes the 4.4l twin turbo to new heights, with breathtaking torque and gobs of silky smooth horsepower. The new V8 TT software gives power where it's needed. BMWs line up of vehicles that offer this power plant are larger, heavier cars and SUVs that need increased low end torque to propel them to speed effortlessly. With up to 655 ft-lb ESS does just that! ESS' flash loader is now an available option for this vehicle. This allows you to switch maps/tunes at any time. This also allows you to load the stock map before going to the dealer or having warranty work completed. in addition, if the dealer accidentally flashes over the the performance tune, you can simply flash it back yourself without having to send in your ECU. For more information on this product, call Jon @ 480-747-6150 pleas note that the gain on the dyno was baselined with a BMW performance flash already installed. GSP Price: $1999.00 Meisterschaft BMW 7series performance exhaust system To order CALL 480-747-6150 BMW FO1/2 7 Series v8 twin turbo Meisterschaft Performance Exhaust Systems For: 740i and LI 750i / Li / xdrive 760Li Introducing the most advanced product line for premium euro vehicles: Master Piece - Meisterschaft. 1. Weight - Both Meisterschaft Touring and GT models are significantly lighter than the OEM unit to reduce unsprung weight. With the Meisterschat Ti Titanium units, you will be able to shed up to 75% of the weight from the OEM unit. 2. Performance - All of our Meisterschaft systems are designed and tuned to provide maximum performance gain without sacrificing the exotic exhaust note. The performance gain will be even greater when the Cat-back pipes are used in conjunction with the Meisterschaft muffler. 3. Build Quality - Welding technique and internal construction are handled with extreme care and also given more attention to details compared to other brands. Furthermore, higher grade glass wool pack has been used for Meisterschaft units which can withstand extreme temperatures. 4. Material - Only the highest grade T304 SUS from POSCO is used for Meisterschaft SUS units, and titanium from Shin Nippon Steel for Meisterschaft Ti units. (Meisterschaft - Reduced Backpressure and Power Gains) Meisterschaft Exhausts reduce engine heat and backpressure and improve exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber. They also minimize the power robbing effects of the OEM system to restore torque and horsepower to the engine BMW Model: Fits oem tip openings non valve controlled models available. GSP Price: $3998.00 ESS Tuning 740i/il ecu performance ecu flash CALL 09 up 740i 6cyl twin turbo ecu software. software is a result of extensive testing and exact calibration of ECU parameters to allow significant performance gains on a stock or lightly modified car (intake/exhaust/IC). The software is developed and tested in extreme heat in the Arizona desert as well as extreme cold temperatures in Scandinavia. Typical gains are in the 60-70whp range. Catless exhaust option available upon request. call for availability on late 2010 and 2011 models to set up a appointment at the Goodspeed facility call 780-747-6150 flash loader may be available for this vehicle. GSP Price: $999.00 Supersprint High flow 3 inch Turbo downpipe kit To order CALL 480-747-6150 High flow 3 inch Turbo downpipe kit R.- L. (Replaces cats) Ultimate Increase in horse power ,torque and serious turbo spool, this is as open as it gets with full twin 3inch downpipes. Add the ESS software and make even more power! stock fit location with high quality stainless steel construction. Pricing may change due to exchange rates GSP Price: $2599.00 More Info.. Supersprint Turbo downpipe kit + metallic cats for avalability CALL 480-747-6150 F01 7 series high flow Turbo downpipe kit + metallic kat L.+R Increase horse power and Turbo spool time wile keeping it clean for our environment with supersprints cated high flow downpipes, stock fit location with 3 inch construction. Pleas note that as of 11-29-2010 we are awaiting release of production units. call for most current info. Pricing may change due to exchange rates GSP Price: $4699.00 VORSTEINER VR7 Add-On Rear Spoiler To order CALL 480-747-6150 VR7 Add-On Rear Spoiler The new Vorsteiner line of aero products for the BMW 7 Series short wheelbase and long wheelbase (codenamed F01 and F02 respectively) has been announced. Called the BMW VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package, it covers aerodynamic components that enhance the car's looks to give it a more aggressive yet elegant appearance. Vorsteiners Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM) structure gives our parts superior stiffness, strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials. GSP Price: $973.75 More Info.. VORSTEINER VR7 Sportiv Add-On Front Spoiler To order CALL 480-747-6150 Front Add-On Spoiler The new Vorsteiner line of aero products for the BMW 7 Series short wheelbase and long wheelbase (codenamed F01 and F02 respectively) has been announced. Called the BMW VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package, it covers aerodynamic components that enhance the car's looks to give it a more aggressive yet elegant appearance. The front end consists of a VR-7 carbon fiber add-on front spoiler. The front spoiler gives more down force and stability in handling. The suspension was also lowered by 48mm (1.9 inches). Vorsteiners Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM) structure gives our parts superior stiffness, strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials. GSP Price: $1519.00 More Info.. VORSTEINER VR7 Sportiv Rear Add-On Diffuser To order CALL 480-747-6150 VR7 Sportiv Rear Add-On Diffuser The new Vorsteiner line of aero products for the BMW 7 Series short wheelbase and long wheelbase (codenamed F01 and F02 respectively) has been announced. Called the BMW VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package, it covers aerodynamic components that enhance the car's looks to give it a more aggressive yet elegant appearance. Vorsteiners Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM) structure gives our parts superior stiffness, strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials. GSP Price: $945.25


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