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APR's Version 2.4 is now available for North American 2.0T Gen 1 engines through Goodspeed!

  12/13/16 20:29, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements
APR's Version 2.4 is now available for North American 2.0T Gen 1 engines through Goodspeed!

This update expands upon our recently updated stock turbo software suite for the 2.0T engines, and is available now at all Goodspeed. The updates were made based on customer feedback and touch upon the following:
DSG / Tip Tronic shift quality
Reduced startup engine roughness
Reduced idle RPM fluctuations
Increased engine braking
Tighter boost control, reducing unintended oscillations
Increased horsepower and torque limits in 5th and 6th gear
Improved throttle mapping
Improved manual transmission throttle feel at take-off and low speeds
Addressed Tip Tronic support tickets
The new update includes 1,106 files that have been uploaded to DPP over the past couple of weeks, updating all existing North American ECUs. ROW ECUs will follow.

Audi A3
Audi TT
Audi Q3
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen CC
Volkswagen EOS
Volkswagen GTI MK5
Volkswagen GTI MK6
Volkswagen Jetta / GLI MK5
Volkswagen Jetta / GLI MK6
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Tiguan
Engine Codes:
ECU Box Codes / Revisions:
06J906021C S5869
06J906021C S6993
06J906026AF S3318
06J906026AG S3319
06J906027J S1637
06J906027J S2907
06J906027K S2908
06J906027R S7786
06J906027R S9972
06J906027JK S1336
06J906027JL S1337
06J906027AC S6452
06J906027AG S2906
06J906027BH S1119
06J906027CE S2904
06J906027CK S0894
06J906027CL S0857
06J906027FB S8221
06J906027FC S8222
06J906027FD S3951
06J906027FD S5368
06J906027FE S3952
06J906027FE S5369
06J906027FH S4351
06J906027FJ S4352
06J906027FK S4353
06J906027FL S4354
06J906027GC S5372
06J906027GM S8223
06J906027GN S8224
06J906027GQ S5697
06J906027HF S7686
06J906027JN S1334
06J906027JP S1335
06J997027M S0396
06J997027N S0397
06J997027R S0401
06J997027S S0402
06J997028K S1496
06J997028P S1500
06J997029D S1509
06J997029E S1510
06J997029F S1511
06J997029G S1512
06J997029K S1515
06J997029L S1516
06J997029N S1518
06J997029P S1519
1K0907115AD S0060
1K0907115AE S0030
1K0907115AE S0040
1K0907115AF S0010
1K0907115AL S0030
1K0907115AM S0030
1K0907115AP S0020
1K0907115AP S0030
1K0907115AP S0040
1K0907115AQ S0030
1K0907115AQ S0040
1K0907115AS S0010
1K0907115AS S0020
1K0907115AS S0040
1K0907115AT S0010
1K0907115AT S0020
1K0907115AT S0040
8P0907115M S0060
8P0907115AG S0030
8P0907115AG S0040
8P0907115AN S0020
8P0907115AM S0020
8P0907115AS S0020
8P0907115AT S0030
8P0907115BB S0010
8P0907115BB S0020
8P0907115BC S0020
8U0907115J S0004
8U0907115J S0005
8U0907115L S0002
8U0907115L S0003
Updated Stages for Each Box Code Listed Above:
Stage 1 91 (Low TQ)
Stage 1 93 (Low TQ)
Stage 1 91
Stage 1 93
Stage 1+ 91 - Intake (Low TQ)
Stage 1+ 93 - Intake (Low TQ)
Stage 1+ 91 - Intake
Stage 1+ 93 - Intake
Stage 1+ 104 - Intake
Stage 2 91 - Intake & Downpipe (Low TQ)
Stage 2 93 - Intake & Downpipe (Low TQ)
Stage 2 91 - Intake & Downpipe
Stage 2 93 - Intake & Downpipe
Stage 2 104 - Intake & Downpipe
If you have any questions, please reach out to your account rep. If you find any ECUs not on this list that need updated, please submit a request via DPP.

Thank you and Go Goodspeed!

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