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Goodspeed is pleased to announce...the all new APR Cast Downpipes for your Audi S8!

  12/06/16 00:01, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements
Goodspeed is pleased to announce...the all new APR Cast Downpipes for your Audi S8!

Have you seen THE new 4.0 TFSI Cast Downpipes?

They're now available for your S8, and add roughly 30 HP and 35 FT-LBS of torque on top of Stage 1!

Goodspeed is pleased to present the ultimate Cast Downpipe Exhaust System by APR!

ast Downpipe Exhaust System replaces the restrictive factory catalyst cross pipes and resonators with an upgraded 76mm stainless steel mandrel-bent system, featuring port-matched cast inlets, high-flow catalysts and various other features. Expect better throttle response, more horsepower and an intoxicating exhaust note, while remaining civilized during normal daily driving. It’s the best performance upgrade for the 4.0 TFSI following the APR ECU Upgrade and it’s all designed and assembled in-house, using premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques few can match.

Quick facts:
• More power and better response
Expect a decrease in turbo lag with power and torque gains as high as 59 HP and 95 FT-LBS of torque over APR Stage I!
• Full 76mm downpipe system
The APR system is a full downpipe upgrade as it replaces the kinked 60mm catalyst cross pipes and resonated midpipes with straight through, 76mm mandrel-bent tubing.
• Port-matched investment-cast downpipe inlets
The factory inlets are restrictive. APR’s cast system allows for massive, port-matched inlets that smoothly neck down over a long distance. The result is improved flow, better response and more power.
• Dual, high-flow catalysts
GESI’s encapsulated catalysts are known for their strength and performance. Expect lower emissions, reduced noise and less exhaust smell compared to catless setups, all without negatively impacting performance to over 1,000 HP. Furthermore, with the catalyst moved, expect a cooler engine bay!

You can order a set today from your by calling or coming into Goodspeed TODAY!

Goodspeed is pleased to announce...the all new APR Cast Downpipes for your Audi S8!

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