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It's Alpha Time!

  06/04/13 11:30, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: News, Announcements, Dyno, Tuning, Forced Induction

GoodSpeed Performance is no stranger to the Nissan GT-R and the VR38 motor.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on several of them.  For most people who own GT-R's, what can be had with bolt on's and tuning is enough.  Every now and then it's not.  When that happens, we look to AMS and their Alpha packages.  GoodSpeed Performance has a long history with AMS Performance and we were thrilled to become an Alpha Dealer, and start offering Alpha 9 installs, in house!

Our client has had his GT-R for some time and finally decided to go big!  His concern was that the car had to be safe and reliable as a daily driver for him and his wife!  With AMS parts and tuning, we knew we could deliver on those needs!  Time for some pictures! 

Here is photo of it's first day at GoodSpeed during the baseline run.  The car made 400.8 AWHP which is right in line with what we normally see out of these cars!

 Engine bay is stock as can be, and dirty (as this is a daily driver)!

 Front end off the car, and the stock intakes and intercooler have got to go!!!

 Here is a picture of most of the major parts about to go on the car!  Lots of hoses, pipes, fittings, etc were left out for better effect!

The package includes:

  • Billet Wheel Upgraded Turbos
  • 90mm Catless Downpipes
  • 90mm Midpipe
  • HKS Legamax Exhaust
  • AMS Wastegate Actuators
  • AMS Alpha Intercooler
  • AMS Alpha Intakes
  • Dual Tial Q BOV's
  • AMS Proprietary Injectors
  • AMS Upgraded Fuel System Including Dual Pumps
  • Cobb AccessPort with ECM and TCM Control
  • AMS Alpha Software Tuning
  • All Neccessary Accessories and Connectors

 In order to swap turbos on a VR38, the engine has to come out, so down she comes!

 Engine is out, this is what we call the point of no return!  It's going to go back in bigger, better and FASTER than it came out!

 Installing the left turbo first and all the accessories that come with it!  The AMS kit is very good in that all neccessary parts are included!  Nothing less than the best at this level!

 Here you can see the stock downpipe on the right compared to the AMS catless pipe on the left!  Huge difference!!!

 Time for the right side to get a matching turbo!  The tolerances with this kit are amazing!  Everything fit perfectly like it should!

 Both turbos are on and the engine is getting buttoned up to be put back in the car!

 Engine is in!  With all that extra boost, you know AMS has the solutions to drop the Intake Air Temps!  HUGE front mount to replace the (still pretty impressive) stock unit!

 Plumbing is installed, intakes are going on!

 Finally, time to tune the Alpha 9 GT-R.  Due to our horrible 91 octane, AMS and GoodSpeed custom tuned the car for about a week.  We made 11 software revisions and did countless logs!  Some tuners would have stopped at 3-4.  With AMS and GoodSpeed, we didn't stop until it was done right.  Startup, idle, part throttle, full throttle, A/F Ratio, etc ALL had to be perfect.

 Back on the dyno, time to see what it can make!  The excitement was definitely in the air this day.  We had people stopping by watching through the window all day!  Our neighbors even came over to see what was running in there!

 A clean engine bay any GT-R owner would be proud of!

 Almost ready for delivery!  As you can imagine our client was excited to pick the car up!

Finally, the proof is in the pudding.  This Alpha 9 GT-R put down 667 AWHP and 668 AWTQ to the MaHa Dyno!  That is on our terrible 91 octane pump gas!  That is a 267 awhp gain over the baseline on PUMP GAS!!!


To say that we were thrilled with the results is the understatement of the year!  We couldn't be happier with the car, AMS products, or AMS service.  They make a great product, have great expertise and worked with us through the entire build to make one client VERY, VERY happy!

If we can assist you with your GT-R whether it's an Alpha or just bolt on's and tuning feel free to contact us at 480-747-6150!

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