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RennTech...NOT just for Mercedes!

  06/19/12 19:42, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, Dyno, Tuning

RennTech has a great reputation inside the Mercedes Benz performance community.  The Team at RennTech have literally decades of tuning experience!  What some people don't know is that RennTech tunes many different vehicles!  From Porsche to Bentley, Ferari to Mini, and Maybach to Sprinter, RennTech has something to offer for each!  GoodSpeed Performance has been doing a lot of the non Mercedes flashes lately and the customers and us have been very impressed!

We recently tuned a 996 Turbo S Porsche Cabriolet resulting in 527hp and 549tq at the crank.  Driveability is like stock, just much more power!  Insane horsepower pulling all the way to redline!

We have also had a string of Sprinter vans visit us lately! A quick and simple tune can net the Bluetec vans ~80hp and >100tq! We also found out that they fit on our 4 post lift!  Some of our clients have these as their weekend getaway vehicles and are surprise to hear we tune them!  :)

Rest assured that RennTech's experience and care is present in any vehicle that they tune!  At GoodSpeed you also get the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a fully authorized RennTech dealer/tuner!  If you have any of the "other" vehicles that RennTech tunes, don't hesitate to call Jon or Mason at 480-747-6150 to get some more power!! 

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