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  09/06/11 12:45, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements, Forced Induction , Tags: diff, differential, dyno, ess, exedy, lsd, mini, mini cooper, mini madness, os giken, stage 4, super single, tuining


One of our very good customers called us and wanted to take his Mini Cooper S to the next level.  He had already installed the Mini Madness Stage 4 package, along with a list of other upgrades over the years!  From the beginning he wanted to upgrade the clutch and get a Limited Slip Differential.  After hours of research, we decided to go with an OS Giken LSD and an Exedy Super Single Clutch.

Here is a pictures of the OS Giken LSD before it was installed into the car:



The quality of this unit is unbelievable!  Fit and finish are fantastic!  Next it came time to install the Exedy clutch!

The Exedy clutch is a well deserved upgrade as well and will help to handle the new found power the Mini is about to get!

For years this car had less than perfect drivability, frankly it was a bit annoying and the power on the dyno just didn't add up to the parts even tho it was tuned previously with software. So we taped the tuning skills of  ESS, betting   a better tune could be made for this little monster!  ESS Tuning has been mastering BMW Tuning for years and is now doing tuning on Mini, Mercedes, Porsche and more.  Shortly after getting the file to ESS, they were positive that not only could they make a more powerful map, they could make it smoother and more safe at the same time!  AND THEY DID!!

The owner of the Mini is glad that he made the decision to go with the Tuning.  In his own words, it "drives like a banshee now"!  The power gains are breathtaking!  Take a look at the Dyno graph below!

As you can see the gain in TQ is huge down low, and more power is evident at all RPM and the smotheness, its just so much beter that the previous companys tune.

Folowing is some more photos of the MINI.

Air temp guage for the intercooler.  Some time Back we desided to add  a oil cooler and a second heat exchanger to the intercooler system.

A new grill and a carbon fiber hood scoupe helps keep plenty of air moving under the hood.

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