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A4 gets S4 power with Goodspeeds tuning!

  04/11/11 21:56, by Jon@GoodSpeed, Categories: Announcements, New Products, Tuning, Forced Induction

The New B8 A4  is a fantastic platform and even the new Tiptronic auto trans is better than anything Audi has used for an automatic option EVER. But the car is a bit larger and it's still rated at only a little over 200hp.  This makes for a low fun experience. Now the optional S4 version comes with a direct injected v6 with a supercharger strapped to the top but that option is a hefty increase in price. So what is the B8 owner to do?  The answer is to install one of Goodspeed's performance packages!  We now offer all the parts to achieve more horsepower and torque than the S4 model with the existing 2.o TFSI, Yes over 330 hp and 375 Tq out of the 2.o with just a few bolt ons.


Goodspeed's turbo back exhaust (s-line and Avant only), Carbonio intake, APR's Ko4 turbo, and the New big turbo intercooler kit from F-Pak equals  dyno proven results. How did we do it?  One of the problems with the TFSI 2.0 in the 09-11 A4 is that the oem intercooler is just not up to the task, even with just a ecu flash the increased boost just simply overheats the tiny stock unit.  Even APR proclaimed that this motor has trouble taking timing. We did some testing and found that a very good intercooler solves the problem.

Paired with our full 3" turbo back exhaust system and the Huge F-Pak intercooler APR's Ko4 kit thrives and the result is a ground pounding experience with no compromise.  All at a reasonable price.


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