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Goodspeed partners with Planet Nissan of Las Vegas to build the first Supercharged 370Z!!!

  06/22/10 15:12, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: Announcements

Everybody knows the history of the Nissan sports car platform simply dubbed "The Z car". This series began life in 1969 as the first 240Z rolled off the assembly line and went on to begin winning race after race as a production car well ahead of its time. Then of course the 260Z came next 5 short years later which sported the slightly larger 2.6L in-line 6. The 260Z was almost immediately replaced with the infamous 280ZX which boasted a 149hp engine and again went on to capturing the checkered flags of many SCCA events over the next few years. Fast forward to 2009 and the introduction of the latest entry in the Z car family, the 370Z which utilizes a 332hp V6 and when outfitted with the 6-speed transmission option...simply rips up the pavement while providing a nice comfortable ride.

This is where Goodspeed Performance steps in to make something good into something better with the introduction of the newest supercharger kit to hit the market from our friends at Stillen. The guys at Stillen have absolutely outdone themselves with this new S/C kit for the 370Z and G37 cars. The kit replaces the intake plenum with a stylish redesigned piece as well as adding a water to air intercooler setup and all there to support the monster Vortech V3 trim head unit. The team at Planet Nissan in Las Vegas Nevada contracted Goodspeed to build something just a little different than the norm...something that would allow them to offer a 370Z that would set the market on its ear. In true Goodspeed fashion, we answered the bell with a dealer ready package that will flat crush the competition in both looks and performance. This package will consist of a Stillen S/C kit, Stillen oil cooler, Stillen cat-back exhaust system, and an entire host of Nismo suspension components. The car is expected to hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 500hp on our Arizona 91 octane fuel so we'll let you know as soon as we have the final results. Below are some pics of the kit as well as some before and after shots of what we were working with.

If you have any questions about this kit or any other Nissan 370Z parts, please contact the team at Goodspeed by calling 480-747-6150 or email at

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Comment from: Dennis R. Lienhart  
Dennis R. Lienhart

In your testing do you quantitfy “turbo lag” or delay between peddle activation and engine response? It would be interesting to compare stock, twin turbo and your super charger. (Most sever test would be on,off, and on again).

I am not real happy with my stock G37 delay….I just don’t like the electronic accelerator peddle.

My standard is the old school 396 SS Chevelle with Holly carb. You touch it, it rips!

Appreciate your comments.
Dennis Lienhart

07/15/10 @ 08:12 am

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