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Playing with Rabbits!

  11/20/09 23:06, by GoodSpeed Performance, Categories: New Products, Dyno, Tuning

Hey every one, hello again from Goodspeed Performance. No big power builds this time but still a nice little project. I know most of you that know us are use to seeing big turbo builds GT28 GTIs and A4s, 700 hp SL65s and 600 hp M3s … but every so often it's fun to just see what a budget NA build can do and this one didn’t disappoint!

The build:  A VW Rabbit 2.5

Carbonio CAI

APR software

OBX header

Magnaflow exhaust system

First thing on the list you probably notice is the use of a OBX header, and yes its not the best but it was customer supplied and then reworked by us to work properly, this includes relocating the O2 that hits the fire wall upon install, relocating it into the second collector so it makes use of all 5 runners, and using longer studs so the factory ones are not under so much pressure when they are pulled out to reach the flange thickness. We highly suggest using the Eurojet header, its a FAR BETTER QUALITY!! and makes a little more  low end torque. Next the carbonio CAI, cant say enough about it , perfect fit, true carbon quality, and because our dyno can actually graph the CFM of the MAF we could see a solid increase in flow from stock (note other parts included). Next was the APR tune, the #s they advertise are dead on, and with the complimenting parts almost triple the gain was achieved as well as perfect driveability and no check engine lights from cat inefficiency. Now before to many of you accuse us of being APR bias, we offer 2 other brands of software and still chose APR. Last but not least the Magnaflow cat back. Absolutely a bargain for the system, perfect fit, even up to the OBX header, and very nice sound. I don’t recommend it without a catalytic converter, we used one in our build, fabbing it in to the mid-pipe provided by OBX. In the end the car achieved almost 200 hp crank which was almost a 30hp on 91oct Arizona fuel. Of course we did a base line crank hp run on the MaHa LPS 3000, and it resulted an almost dead on 171 hp crank, which is only 1hp off of the factory rating on 91oct. In addition the little rabbit also got lowered with a set of Eibach springs, and a modest set of shoes. A grill and some new lights also helped get a more aggressive look. In the end this turned into a very fun car with no feeling of  needing power.

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